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There are changes in nature and life on earth. The energy pouring into and out of our planet is different. As Earthlings seeking the Path, we can come together to co-create the marriage of wisdom and compassion, mindfulness and love, spirituality and enlightenment.

Join the movement and our Dharma initiatives: meditation, yoga, mindful living, compassionate eating... Come for a public sitting, sit ins, nature walks, music festivals, and other events throughout Los Angeles.

Our practice sessions are designed to raise the vibration of the planet and earthlings by connecting meditation, music, art, sound healings, binaural beats (Monroe Institute (http://monroeinstitute.org/)), Native American workshops, interactive experiences, exposure to the age-defying Dharmas of the East (Buddhist, Yogic, Vedic, Jain), connecting our Western world with all of humanity through unity, sustainability and environmental awareness.

Other initiatives taking place throughout the year include meditation practice sessions, yoga intensives, Disclosure Project (http://disclosureproject.org) events (Dr. Steven Greer), The Full Disclosure Project (https://www.facebook.com/thefulldisclosureproject/) (Edgar Cayce (http://edgarcayce.org) now reborn (https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/56202/the-reincarnation-of-edgar-cayce-by-wynn-free-and-david-wilcock/9781583940839/) as David Wilcock (https://divinecosmos.com/start-here/books-free-online/22-the-reincarnation-of-edgar-cayce-draft-of-pt-1)), Something's Happening (http://somethingshappening.com/Home.html) and The Aware Show (http://theawareshow.com) (KPFK (http://kpfk.org) 90.7 FM), and Conscious Life Expo (http://www.consciouslifeexpo.com/2018-expo/welcome_4.html). Keep an eye out for announcements on music, literary, environmental, and yogic events like Shakti Fest (http://shaktifest.bhaktifest.com/) and Desert Daze in SoCal and Disclosure Project events nationally. See more at:

• Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal (sponsor)

• PasaDharma (http://meetup.com/Zen-7) (meetup.com/Zen-7)

• Dharma Punx Valley (meetup.com/Dharma-Punx-Valley)

• DisclosureProject.org

Upcoming events (5+)

Ecstatic Breathwork Meditation

The Neighborhood Church

Ecstatic breathwork combines breathing and meditation to reset body and mind. Focused intentional breathing disciplines overactive thinking, clears toxic thoughts, moves energy, and releases emotional blocks. After setting a clear intention, the breathing technique is employed to tune in, turn on (our own healing ability), and drop out of old habits to be able to meditate. This practice aids in the release of unnecessary judgments, fear, and expectations to open the doors of perception and joy. It rebalances the nervous system, oxygenates the body, and releases endorphins. We then experience greater mental clarity, deeper relaxation, and bliss. It is a fast and effective way of bringing us into a fully present state. Wear comfortable clothes. Optional: bring a yoga mat, towel. Kombucha will be served.

Conscious Life Expo (LAX Hilton)

Hilton Los Angeles Airport

The Expo is a three-day gathering of individuals and tribes for a three-day celebration of conscious evolution and a brainstorming session on where we are and where we are going. We live in an evolving universe, an orgasmic dance of consciousness. Everything is changing, evolving, transforming. Wise people throughout history have tried to define the nature of the reality, and myriad models have existed for it. But we are creating a new model still being figured out. This conference is for us to participate in the conscious co-creation of a new sustainable world that merges science and spirituality -- a wholistic, powerful, and passionate celebration of life and love. https://expo.consciouslifeexpo.com/ https://expo.consciouslifeexpo.com/expo-at-a-glance/

Free Mindfulness Meditation drop-in at UCLA

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

We have meditation sessions on M, T, W, and Th. See here: https://www.uclahealth.org/marc/body.cfm?id=61&iirf_redirect=1 (http://marc.ucla.edu/free-drop-in-meditation). Mindful Awareness (what Eckhart Tolle calls "presence") is the moment-by-moment process of openly accepting and observing our physical, mental, and emotional experiences without grasping/clinging, resisting/rejecting, or reacting with delusion/confusion to them. Mindfulness, which the Buddha called smrti and sati, has scientific support as a means of reducing stress, improving attention, boosting mood and the immune system, reducing emotional reactivity, and promoting general health and well-being. Drop-in sessions are led by Diana Winston, Dr. Marvin Belzer, and guest teachers (at MARC, Mindful Awareness Research Center). Open to everyone interested in learning how to live life more in the "present." WEEKLY SCHEDULE: - Mondays: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Rm 1109, Level 1, 757 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles - Tuesdays: Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center[masked]th Street, Auditorium, #G340, Santa Monica - Wednesdays: UCLA main library, 2nd floor, Powell Library East Rotunda - Thursdays: Hammer Museum, Billy Wilder Theater, 10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles Please check www.marc.ucla.edu (under "Free Drop-in Meditation") for latest changes to the schedule BEFORE attending.

Int'l Women's Strike, Los Angeles

USCIS Field Office - Los Angeles

The International Women’s Strike (IWS) is a grassroots movement established by women from Poland and Argentina and joined by women all over the world. It was created in 2016 as a response to the violence experienced by females. General strikes and protests on March 8th are in response to the common call, “Solidarity is our best weapon.” IWS Los Angeles is held in solidarity with the global movement. Invest in Caring Not Killing Stop Wars on Women, Children, Migrants, Mother Earth No War Economy. No Pay, Low Pay - No Way! To volunteer with the international effort email [masked] or DM International Women's Strike Los Angeles WEBSITE: http://parodemujeres.com/ https://wisdomquarterly.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/IWSLA/ https://www.facebook.com/events/339656466638543

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White Sun Benefit Concert for KPFK 90.7 FM

Immanuel Presbyterian Church

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