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There are changes in nature and life on earth. The energy pouring into and out of our planet is different. As Earthlings seeking the Path, we can come together to co-create the marriage of wisdom and compassion, mindfulness and love, spirituality and enlightenment.

Join the movement and our Dharma initiatives: meditation, yoga, mindful living, compassionate eating... Come for a public sitting, sit ins, nature walks, music festivals, and other events throughout Los Angeles.

Our practice sessions are designed to raise the vibration of the planet and earthlings by connecting meditation, music, art, sound healings, binaural beats (Monroe Institute (http://monroeinstitute.org/)), Native American workshops, interactive experiences, exposure to the age-defying Dharmas of the East (Buddhist, Yogic, Vedic, Jain), connecting our Western world with all of humanity through unity, sustainability and environmental awareness.

Other initiatives taking place throughout the year include meditation practice sessions, yoga intensives, Disclosure Project (http://disclosureproject.org) events (Dr. Steven Greer), The Full Disclosure Project (https://www.facebook.com/thefulldisclosureproject/) (Edgar Cayce (http://edgarcayce.org) now reborn (https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/56202/the-reincarnation-of-edgar-cayce-by-wynn-free-and-david-wilcock/9781583940839/) as David Wilcock (https://divinecosmos.com/start-here/books-free-online/22-the-reincarnation-of-edgar-cayce-draft-of-pt-1)), Something's Happening (http://somethingshappening.com/Home.html) and The Aware Show (http://theawareshow.com) (KPFK (http://kpfk.org) 90.7 FM), and Conscious Life Expo (http://www.consciouslifeexpo.com/2018-expo/welcome_4.html). Keep an eye out for announcements on music, literary, environmental, and yogic events like Shakti Fest (http://shaktifest.bhaktifest.com/) and Desert Daze in SoCal and Disclosure Project events nationally. See more at:

• Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal (sponsor)

• PasaDharma (http://meetup.com/Zen-7) (meetup.com/Zen-7)

• Dharma Punx Valley (meetup.com/Dharma-Punx-Valley)

• DisclosureProject.org

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Does SEX have any place in spirituality?

The Neighborhood Church

In this post-DisclosureFest gathering, let's go blue. Jen asks, "Does sex have any place in spirituality?" We have our senses, and we have pleasure, and we have lust, and so long as we maintain the basic Five Precepts, what about...sex? What does the Buddha have to say about that? Look at all of the attractive people sitting here. Is Jen the only one thinking about sex? Refreshments served.

Indigenous Meditation w/ Shamanic Healer Erika Buenaflor

The Neighborhood Church

Ancient indigenous Mayan, Mexican, and Peruvian wisdom comes to us from former attorney, author, and modern-day Curanderx (Healer) Erika Buenaflor (https://wisdomquarterly.blogspot.com/2019/05/shamanic-healing-with-erika-buenaflor.html). She will guide us in a purification and profound meditation to retrieve our essence and reconnect us with ourselves, the natural world, the spiritual realm. This is "soul medicine" utilizing the cardinal directions. Explore ancient Indigenous beliefs and methods useful in making our lives fuller, happier, more creative, and blissful.

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DisclosureFest: Music, Yoga, Vegan, Mass Meditation, UFO, Party (DTLA)

Los Angeles State Historic Park

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