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Changes in earth are afoot. Energy is pouring into the planet. Earthlings seek a path. So let's come together to co-create a marriage between wisdom and compassion, love and enlightenment.

Join a movement of Dharma activities: meditation, mindful living, yoga, compassionate eating, sustainable living... Come for public sits, nature walks, uplifting festivals, and other events all over Los Angeles.

We design practice sessions to raise the vibration of the planet and its inhabitants by connecting meditation, music, art, sound healings, binaural beats (Monroe Institute), Native American wisdom, interactive experiences, and the age-defying Dharmas of the East (Buddhist, Yogic, Jain, Taoist), connecting our Western world with all of humanity through unity, sustainability, and environmental awareness.

Other initiatives take place throughout the year, including meditations, yoga intensives, DisclosureProject.org events (Dr. Steven Greer), Full Disclosure Project (Edgar Cayce now reborn as David Wilcock divinecosmos.com), Something's Happening and The Aware Show (KPFK.org, 90.7 FM), and The Conscious Life Expo. Keep an eye out for announcements on music, literary, environmental, and yogic events like Shakti Fest and Desert Daze in SoCal and Disclosure Project events nationally. See more at:

• Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal (sponsor)

• Pasadena/Foothills (meetup.com/zen-7)

• San Fernando Valley (meetup.com/zen-007)

• DisclosureProject.org (Dr. Greer, MD)

Upcoming events (4+)

UCLA: Free drop-in Mindfulness Meditation, live and online (30 mins.)

UCLA has a Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). It offers mindfulness, meditation, and mindfulness-meditation instructions on Mondays and Thursdays at 12:30 pm: Drop-in Meditation at UCLA

FREE, DROP-IN sessions (live and online) are led by Diana Winston, Dr. Marvin Belzer, and other MARC teachers: Drop-in Meditations (Hammer Podcast) - UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center - Los Angeles, CA (uclahealth.org)

Mindfulness (sati, bare awareness, presence of mind, vigilant attention, witnessing, detached attentiveness) is the moment-by-moment process of openly accepting and dispassionately observing our physical, emotional, and mental experiences free of our customary clinging, rejecting, or reacting with delusion to them.

"Right mindfulness," which the Buddha called samma-sati, has scientific support. It improves attention, reduces stress, boosts mood and immunity, reduces emotional reactivity, and promotes health and well-being.

Mindfulness done incorrectly can be harmful, so learn it correctly.

MORE INFO: Wisdom Quarterly: Free meditation at UCLA's MARC

Guided Meditations - UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center - Los Angeles, CA (uclahealth.org)

Live Silent Group Meditation, Glendale Temple

Self Realization Fellowship

Silent Group Meditation (glendaletemple.org) is for new meditators and those who have tried to meditate for years. Find peace and serenity in silence, punctuated by live harmonium and cosmic chants.

Meditating together helps each participant by the power of united effort. Fifty or more attend each session, seated in a heavenly hall with startling stained glass windows and excellent AC. (Bring a warm wrap). Side room and atrium are also available for more seclusion.

Free gated parking. Come 15 minutes early for warm up with Energization Exercises in parking lot.

Nestled below the lovely Glendale hills, the temple is a branch of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), an international nonprofit society founded by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi."

Every one of any tradition is invited to attend to practice India’s age-old meditation and yoga philosophy. While some practice devotion (bhakti), we seek mindfulness (sati) and stillness (samadhi), wisdom (prajna) and awakening (bodhi).

Please keep SILENCE. For socializing, come on Sundays at 11:00 am. For meditation instructions, advice, or any questions or concerns, please contact organizers Seven and Jen by Meetup Messenger.

Nature Walk and Healing with Native Plants (Ethnobotany)

Hahamongna Watershed Park

Native plants as medicine: This is a rare opportunity to learn in the field with students of Chumash Medicine Woman Cecilia Garcia.

Enrique Villaseñor is a student of her apprentice, USC Prof. James Adams, and all are co-authors of Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West. This session focuses on MEDICINAL PLANTS.

Villaseñor is one of the co-authors of the fourth edition of the book. He conducts a class on traditional medicinal plants as part of The School of Self-Reliance's Ethnobotany Certification series.

This nature walk is a workshop to learn how to make healing medicines using white sage, elder, black sage, California sagebrush, sacred datura, mugwort, prickly pear cactus, and other plants present on the trail.

Students will learn specific recipes for making foot soaks, liniments, and other herbal medicines.

Villaseñor is a multi-ethnic healer, naturalist, and author with Indigenous ancestry. He learned traditional healing from his mother and USC Prof. Emeritus James Adams.

As part of this process, he has researched and taught traditional healing, participated in field studies, co-authored several papers with Dr. Adams, and co-authored the fourth edition of Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West.

In his 35 years as a teacher, he taught elementary, middle, and adult school, and was an instructional advisor focused on training teachers. Among many other achievements, working with several agencies, he designed, built, and maintained the award-winning El Oro Way Habitat, a two-acre, outdoor classroom of primarily California native plants and trees.

NOTE: Bring a folding chair for comfort. We’ll discuss some of the ideal literature about healing with herbs, and some of the herbs that can be grown in one's own backyard. Books will be available, as well as pre-made herbal liniments.

If there are special requests, let us know ahead of time.

THIS IS A FIELD TRIP. Location given on registration

Vegan Street Fair 2023, Los Angeles (NoHo) - FREE

11223 Chandler Blvd

Vegan Street Fair (VSF) is a nationwide annual vegan food celebration series of events.

Local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors come together to serve bite-size portions of vegan eats in one place.

The best part? All bite-size portions are $4 max and entrance is FREE. VSF attendants get to nosh on as many local eats as their hearts desire (and their belly can hold) for street fair prices.

Instead of buying a $10 plate of vegan nachos and sitting out the rest of the amazing food experiences, get bites from one vendor, move on to the next, and enjoy ALL of the city's BEST vegan eats without getting full for a fraction of the price of a regular meal.

It's a vegan foodie's dream: TRY ALL THE VEGAN THINGS.

Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles, FREE (3/26)
Vegan Street Fair | Free Entry | Los Angeles

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