Sharon Salzberg, daylong on Equanimity (Insight LA)

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Through guided meditations, talks about the Buddha’s teachings, and Q&A periods, this workshop will explore the practice of upekkha, usually translated from the Pali as "equanimity." But this equanimity can also be described as balance: a spacious stillness that allows us to accept things as they are.

The power of this balance is that it allows us to avoid both apathy and indifference on the one hand and acute reactivity on the other. This can be most helpful when we are facing challenging times in our lives, especially the challenges that we are deeply invested in. Often though such moments in life also tend to be the ones where equanimity is most out of reach.

Famous awakened American teacher Sharon Salzberg offers practical and empowering tools to cultivate equanimity when it is most needed. Learn how to cultivate clarity and compassion through different mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation techniques. When true equanimity is present, it is the ground out of which resilience is strengthened so that sustained transformation can occur.