Sacred Sex? Tantric Meditation

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Happy Valentine's Day! Come to learn single, no need for a partner on this one. Tantra at its essence combines meditation, movement, sound, and breath to assist the opening of the body's energy system or chakras. Hey but what about the sacred sex? (See

This opening allows latent life-force energy to move up from the pelvis along the spine to open the body. This movement can help heal trauma and shame by loosening unconscious constrictions.

Expansion of the energy body increases sensitivity, empathy, compassion, and the ability to "connect" with others on all levels.

This ability to connect with intimate partners draws many to Tantra. Yes, improve communication and intimacy. Tantric practices can expand the energy body toward a higher purpose: meditative absorption, cosmic union, merging.

There are ecstatic benefits to Tantra. It feels good with a helpful partner. But how can we possibly be open or intimate with anyone else when we have yet to be open with ourselves? Volunteers wanted.


• Discussion
• Partner Yoga
• Tantric exercises
• Guided visualization
• Refreshments served