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What we’re about

PASADHARMA BUDDHIST MEDITATION is a circle of seekers, practitioners, and few openminded skeptics. We explore "meditation" (bhavana, jhana/Dhyana, samadhi, vipassana) from an ancient Buddhist perspective. Yoga, an ancient Vedic tradition, informs us as do Jainism and Taoism.

We are on a quest for the meaning of life and the ultimate -- enlightenment and nirvana. Serenity and insight, compassion and wisdom, integrity and authenticity are our tools. What is the "Middle Way" the Buddha pointed out? It is our Path to liberation and complete freedom: Nirvana.

As a supportive "spiritual community," a sangha, we utilize teachings from the diverse Buddhist schools -- Theravada, Himalayan Vajrayana, Zen, American Vipassana, Far Eastern Mahayana-- to learn, explore, and adapt techniques and useful yogic practices.

Sitting as a group enables us to establish a daily practice on our own, building independence in a community of mutual support.

It's free, donations are accepted, and ALL are welcome. We serve in the spirit of making the historical Buddha's Dharma (the gift of the Teaching) available to all. This is the Path of Purification, the Path to Freedom...with a healthy and sometimes irreverent sense of humor. Come play. Enlighten up.

How should I dress? Come as you are: casual, loose, comfortable clothes for indoor sitting on a soft seat and mindful outdoor walking in our garden under giant redwood trees. Between Old Town Pasadena and the Rose Bowl. Our practice hall is warm and inviting. Beginners always welcome.

What shall we eat? Delicious vegan refreshments and time to socialize as we close each session. Come meet your tribe, companions, maybe even your soul mate.

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