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Zen4Quantum is a community for the curious minds in the emerging quantum technology space.

You will thoroughly enjoy the presentations and made by valuable quantum experts. Current the reality is that Quantum computing and Quantum sensing technologies are moving from the lab to the shop floor.

Innovations in computing power and technical know how, real life examples and practical use cases for Quantum technologies are becoming more commonplace and proven.

Balaji Ramamurthy : Founder and Organizer
Virendra Galotra : Adviser and Moderator

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SUV -TRANSFORMER :3D Printed Multi-Utility SUV: A Modular Design with AI

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Talk on: SUV -TRANSFORMER :3D Printed Multi-Utility SUV: A Modular Design with AI -An open-source initiative.

The multi-utility SUV is a versatile solution that can provide a range of benefits to various populations. It can be equipped with various modules that can serve as home utilities, including laundry, dishwashing, cooking range, and bed. The truck's modular design allows for the addition of an exoskeleton to assist veterans affected by mobility issues. It can also be used as a pandemic shield to enable retirees to live independently.

One of the key benefits of the multi-utility SUV is its ability to serve as a mobile hospital that can be adjusted to meet the needs of different patients. The truck can be integrated with AI and quantum technology from the cloud, enabling it to provide personalized assistance and advice to users. With the addition of ChatGPT, users can easily communicate and access the services they need.

The base model of the SUV can be used to provide housing for the homeless population, helping to address the issue of homelessness. Overall, the multi-utility SUV is a versatile and adaptable solution that can serve a range of purposes and provide benefits to different populations. Its modular design and use of advanced technologies make it an innovative and practical solution to a variety of challenges.

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Modeling and optimization of water and energy systems.

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