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What we’re about

Inspired by Tony of ZenHiking, this MeetUp combines several spiritual disciplines such as Mindfulness, Meditation,  Yoga, Reiki, Chi Gong(Qigong) and Tai Chi with an array of fun outdoor activities like Hiking, Cycling, Canoeing, Wine Tasting, Camping, Golf and Tennis and indoor activities such as study of spirituality and world philosophies. Why?

The answer is simple: Meditation goes with everything! ... and it's great on its own.  What fun to do meditation before or after a day of exhilarating activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Hiking, Wine Tasting, Cycling, Camping, Canoeing, and Golfing? Our group is aiming for fun, spiritual experiences for people around the Washington DC area. It is meant for the beginners (and advanced) students. Everything will be easy, gentle and fun. No experiences is necessary in any of our activities.  ZenAdventures combines friendly and spiritual people, gentle and graceful movement, beautiful surroundings, and fun outdoor (and indoor, too) activities all into one. Please join us in these exciting ZenAdventures and experience the fusion of what the bests of East and West have to offer.

We are looking for suggestions for MeetUps and for members who are experienced in Yoga, Meditation, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Camping, Tennis, Canoeing, and Hiking to coordinate or assist with coordinating MeetUps.  If you have interest and/or skills in one of these areas, and are willing to step up to the plate, please use "contact the organizer" to let me know.

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