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What we’re about

Welcome to Zurich Social Networking Group!

This is a group for people who would like to find new relationships and make new
friends in one of the most vibrant cities!

Zurich is the economic centre of CH and also one of the most important commercial centers of the world. There is a huge number of internationally minded people and professionals in this amazing city and we have to do more to help them find and connect with each other.

Let us meet often at local bars and pubs for a small drink and chat. Let us meet to share histories, insights and advice while building our friendships and networks. Join us and let us make this happen!

Click on the link to have a look at some of our past events - Photo Album

Here you can see everyone from different cultures and races meeting and having a great time and this is what we tend to achieve everytime we host!

Here is how we will do things differently -
Ever since covid has occurred the world has changed ways in how we function and operate. Meeting people of various cultures has become difficult with various restrictions and with online events people rarely have the opportunity of meeting face to face and this results in not getting the right opportunity to meet in person.

We will always have hosts at all our events. You will always be greeted by someone
at all our events and introduced to others. (Warm & welcoming hosts to help you

Click on the link to know 6 key reasons why you should attend our meetups!

We will minimize no shows by requiring attendees to pay a deposit in advance. No
shows are misleading and not fun for organizers nor for members.

We will not disguise organization costs in opaque ticket prices, commissions from
bars or inflated set menu prices.

We will instead ask for a small charge to help us manage the group and its activities. (Very transparent)

We will strive to attract a high quality membership who prefer higher quality
venues and events. We will not be driven by happy hours, free food etc (as all
of these are eventually balanced out by much higher prices later)

We will constantly request members to help us host events and take a lead on
activities so that we have energy and variety. 

Click on the link to our website and have a look at our other cities that we host in -

I very much hope that you will join us and create a vibrant social community!

Upcoming events (3)

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  • Make new friends! Meet like-minded ladies & gents! (20-45/FREE Drink/Hosted)
    Nelson, Zürich, ZH
    • Photo of Neo Marti
    • Photo of Silvio Incalza
    • Photo of Dhimant
    • Photo of David Kirovski
    • N
  • Meet, Mix & Mingle with new friends! (20-45/FREE Drink/Ice Breaker Games/Hosted)
    Nelson, Zürich, ZH
    • Photo of Sally Heusser
    • Photo of Dhimant
    • Photo of Rahmat Alizadah
  • Meet, Mix & Mingle with new friends! (20-45/FREE Drink/Ice Breaker Games/Hosted)
    Nelson, Zürich, ZH
    • Photo of Neo Marti
    • Photo of Kessi
    • Photo of Dhimant
    • Photo of Martin Subert