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From: Jane E.
Sent on: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 7:35 PM

I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:

When: Friday, January 20,[masked]:30 PM

Where: Stone Creek
140 E 27th St. (3/Lex)
New York, NY 10011

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What:                      NYC Atheists’ Friday Nite Book Club & Thinking     

                                Person’s  Meaningful Meetup, led by Dr. David 




Book:                    “Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion and 

                                the Battle for America’s Soul” by Edward Humes


When:                    Friday, January 20, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.


Where:                   Stone Creek Bar & Pub

                               140 East 27th St. (Bet. 3rd/Lex.)


Cost:                      Free. But buy your own drinks, food. The Stone

                               Creek has a great selection of beer and

                               a nice menu of knoshies and sandwiches.




Monkey Girl’--Or How the Religious Right Tried to

Take Over Schools In a Small Town-- and Failed


 Teaching Evolution Case in Dover, Delaware 

Turned Neighbor Against Neighbor And Made Nationwide History 



Remember the Scopes Trial?  It’s become part of American history now: How, in a small midwestern town, Clarence Darrow lost the fight to be allowed to teach evolution in American public schools.  It was called the “Monkey Trial” because evolution supposedly traces our ancestry back to apes.


Looking Back, we now realize the Scopes trial wasn’t really a loss for Darrow because, eventually, many, if not most, American public schools began teaching evolution anyway. Time chipped away at old biases.


But not many people know that just a couple of years ago there was another challenge to teaching evolution in public schools in the small town of Dover, Delaware, when a reactionary right-wing school board tried to sneak Intelligent Design into the public school’s textbooks and curriculum.  


Dover parents, some of them Atheists, hired a lawyer to fight the religionists, and the Dover case became a showcase for a new fight, watched intently by the whole nation, between religionists trying to impose their ideas on a school system and parents who wanted their kids taught science without religion’s input.


Would Judge Be Biased?


The Dover case dramatically pitted neighbor against neighbor as the whole country watched. Nobody expected evolution to win because the George W. Bush-appointed judge was a conservative Republican. 


 But in a surprise decision that showed that even Republicans can be logical, the judge ruled that Intelligent Design was not a science and did not belong in a biology class textbook.  


 It was a dramatic win for evolutionists, secularists and science teachers nationwide!  But it left the town of Dover sadder, divided and in debt.  Was it worth the struggle and the money?  The book, “Monkey Girl,” written like a novel, tells the story grippingly.


Underdogs Triumphed


Come on Friday--even if you haven’t read the book--to hear how the truth can win, how the underdog can triumph, even against great odds. Come and be inspired by secular activists who risked much.  


And by the way, it almost isn’t necessary to read the book if you followed the case while it was happening. Come and hear how one town survived the turmoil of  a

separation-of -church-and-state court fight as the world watched and history was made. 


Come and hear the unprecedented story of how a small group of determined parents fought the giant machine of organized religion--and won!


NYCA welcomes once more the thoughtful, compassionate and insightful Dr. David Orenstein as its book club leader. 















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