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What we’re about


The 23b Shop is a hackerspace in Fullerton, CA. Our interests may include computers and networking, electronics and microprocessors, automation, metal casting, machining, welding, automotive & 4x4, leatherwork, jewelry, and knifemaking.

We sometimes make the shop available to non-keyholders to work on projects. Post a description on the shop mailing list to see if a keyholder would like to help with your project.

We don't accept or help with gunsmithing related projects at the 23b Shop.

ALL MUST FEAR the PURGATORY BIN(Sing along right now!)

Bring your crap and hurl it in
our Weighted Purgatory Bin.

Then haul some to your Lair of Sin --
we shall not take it back again.

The thing you covet, take it, man!
Before it hits the garbage can.

No trip is complete without a whirlwind tour of the PURGATORY BIN.

Shop for FREE in our pro-grade castoff gear and scrap pile!

Grab what you want before someone else does!
TRUST NO ONE! with your precious new TREASURES

Sometimes the Purgatory Bin offers you fine electronics, working gear and computers from all years; honest, good gear lost to its prior owners, but awaiting a new start in your life.

Sometimes it gives you a sandwich from 3 weeks ago, still untouched in its plastic tomb, taunting you silently from beyond the grave.

Some days it's got cables, funny metal bits, odd scraps of cloth, hardware, software, books, naughty books, working gears and parts, engines, or other weird things of all descriptions.

You can't be sure with the Purgatory Bin -- it's wily and elusive in its way, but it loves you and wants you to savor its wealth.

The only guarantee is YOU WANT IT. At least something in there should make you happy. GRAB THAT THING RIGHT AWAY, IT'LL BE IN A LANDFILL THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE IT.

You may also simply leave your car open and unattended for a bit, and we'll be happy to provide

you with our premium Personal Shopping Service, loading your car with purgatory bulk at no charge.

Our History

The 23b Shop itself was founded in 2006, but we have been getting together for over 20 years now.

The 23b Shop came into being after we found ourselves gratuitously gravitating towards our garages to work on robots, cars, rockets, electronics, melee weapons, and other projects whenever we had a party (or every night, pratically..)

We put together a cunning plan, then spent 3 months looking for a site that was both good and affordable. The result was the 23b Shop, located near the Fullerton Metrolink station near the throbbing heart of downtown Fullerton.

Donating to 23b Shop

Donations of working or broken equipment and supplies are highly prized. Just like a colony of Manchurian Wedge Ants, the industrious hackers of 23b Shop will lovingly snip your donations into pieces with tiny razor-sharp zircon encrusted mandibles. Hackers often carry up to 700 times their own weight in used electronics straight up the walls and ceiling of the shop, scurrying to place the gear safely in nest chambers. Once deposited in a nourishing layer of filth and sweaty Defcon Goon shirts, it will be used to feed the next generation of unicorns and kittens, and to polish the majestic Shop Narwhal.

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