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What we’re about

Living with a disability can affect every aspect of your life and can prevent you from living a healthy, rewarding life. Unfortunately, millions of people living with a disability avoid social events and have little to look forward to during the week. Many people living with a disability experience noticeable challenges, but just as many face challenges that are less apparent. If we don’t accommodate both the visible and invisible disabilities, we're not addressing the entire issue. In an effort to change this, 2LIV4 is proud to announce our new social group called 2LIV4 Thursdays. 

Unlike most social groups, 2LIV4 Thursdays are not centered around physical activity; it's simply a community of peers sharing resources, good times, and a few well-earned laughs. 2LIV4 Thursday meetings are held in locations that are safe for members with mobility challenges as well as members with environmental challenges. We meet every other Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm and rotate between Panera Bread and Pinehurst Country Club; details are listed below for each location. To help us know how many people to expect, please RSVP for each meeting. We will send an email confirming the location before every meeting. 

Panera Bread
640 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80246

Pinehurst Country Club
6255 W. Quincy Ave.
Denver, CO 80235
Please check in with the front desk and you will be directed to the Family room.

Hope to see you at our next 2LIV4 Thursday!

You can see the schedule of all the upcoming meetings and RSVP at or visit and click on 2LIV4 Thursday on the events page. We look forward to seeing you!