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With 20,000+ members, we are the ORIGINAL 30s & 40s Going Out Group, and the largest 30s & 40s Meetup group in the world! This social group is for people mostly in their 30s and 40s, in the Washington DC metro area, who enjoy dining, BBQs, picnics, winery tours, cooking, outdoor activities, dinner parties, and other local activities.

This group is for married people, single people, new-in-towners, and people who have been in the DC area for a while and are simply looking for a new group to go out with. Membership is FREE, and you only have to be friendly and fun to join!

We host a regular-occurring happy hour where we raise money for various local charities (all voluntary donations). See the results of our fundraising here (http://bit.ly/2CmYVee).

Always have a reason to go out, travel, and have fun! We're the only social group you'll ever need!

Also find us on our Facebook Group (http://bit.ly/2Bmhq4J), Facebook Page (http://bit.ly/2o4vEBW), Eventbrite (http://bit.ly/2o57VkV), and Twitter (http://bit.ly/2kwOSuC)!

meetup.com/30sand40sgroup (http://bit.ly/2j3PCY3)

Upcoming events (5+)

Theater Show - Richard the Third (60% off)!

Sidney Harman Hall


Let's get together for drinks and a show! We'll meet at the front entrance for check in, and then get together for a drink or two at the 2nd floor Sidney Harman Hall bar before the show, and then go see Richard the Third. What does it look like when a man with no scruples stops at nothing to gain power? If you’re unsure... Click here to view full event description... https://bit.ly/2ElZPe3

Learn to Make Sushi!!

Umaya Izakaya


Ok, let's eat... and learn how to make sushi! We have a fun class planned with this one! Come join us at Umaya Izakaya for a 2 - 3 hour demonstration on how to make sushi. Learn the intricacies in the preparation of sushi using basic ingredients and simple techniques. We will check in at 11:00am, and then we'll learn to make sushi at 11:30am... Click here to view full event description... https://bit.ly/2EQoCXV

Japan Pre-Trip Dinner (OPEN TO ALL)!!



Pay Online Now (https://bit.ly/2QzL1ew) -- Let's enjoy an all-inclusive meal! This event is open to our entire group as a paid event, but it is FREE (not transferable) to those who have signed up and made payment for the upcoming Rising Sun Adventure - 9 Exciting Days in Japan!! trip in September. This is the perfect time and place to ask questions and find out more for... Click here to view full event description... https://bit.ly/2H6t0Fe

Ski & Snowboard Weekend Trip!!

Sugarloaf Ski Resort


Price varies depending on options selected, from $119 - $723 for the weekend. Typical cost for 2-day lodging, lift, and equipment rental is ~$428 for the weekend. See "Trip Options" section for full details. Add to cart: Pay Double Occupancy Option (https://bit.ly/2zYW6zk) —or— Pay Single Occupancy Option (https://bit.ly/2zXmk5A) —or— Pay Sofabed Option (https://bit.ly/2z8Fiqg) —and / or— Pay 1-Day Lift Ticket Option (https://bit.ly/2zSKWw5) —or— Pay 2-Day Lift Ticket Option (https://bit.ly/2PtJg6T) —or— Pay 3-Day Lift Ticket Option (https://bit.ly/2K5RufB) —and / or— Pay 1-Day Equipment Rental Option (https://bit.ly/2K7eQBi) —or— Pay 2-Day Equipment Rental Option (https://bit.ly/2Q0FyRF) —or— Pay 3-Day Equipment Rental Option (https://bit.ly/2OJJdyw) —and / or— Pay 1-Day Beginner Package Option (https://bit.ly/2B6qp94) —or— Pay 2-Day Beginner Package Option (https://bit.ly/2zcEBMo) —or— Pay 3-Day Beginner Package Option (https://bit.ly/2ThEeZF) —and / or— Pay Group Lesson Option (https://bit.ly/2qOlgfO) -- UPDATE #2: The "early early-bird" price has ended and the "early bird" ticket price is now in effect. Looking forward to seeing you there! UPDATE #1: There are fewer than 7 "early early-bird" spots left and the price will increase when the "early early-bird" spots are gone or by Sun. Jan. 13th (whichever comes first). To be fair to... Click here to view full event posting... https://bit.ly/2zRTu6j

Past events (360)

Charity Happy Hour at Gryphon!

The Gryphon DC

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