• Ski & Snowboard Weekend Trip!!

    Sugarloaf Ski Resort


    Price varies depending on options selected, from $119 - $723 for the weekend. Typical cost for 2-day lodging, lift, and equipment rental is ~$428 for the weekend. See "Trip Options" section for full details. Add to cart: Pay Double Occupancy Option (https://bit.ly/2zYW6zk) —or— Pay Single Occupancy Option (SOLD OUT) —or— Pay Sofabed Option - 1 MALE SPOT LEFT (https://bit.ly/2z8Fiqg) —and / or— Pay 1-Day Lift Ticket Option (https://bit.ly/2zSKWw5) —or— Pay 2-Day Lift Ticket Option (https://bit.ly/2PtJg6T) —or— Pay 3-Day Lift Ticket Option (SOLD OUT) —and / or— Pay 1-Day Equipment Rental Option (https://bit.ly/2K7eQBi) —or— Pay 2-Day Equipment Rental Option (https://bit.ly/2Q0FyRF) —or— Pay 3-Day Equipment Rental Option (SOLD OUT) —and / or— Pay 1-Day Beginner Package Option (SOLD OUT) —or— Pay 2-Day Beginner Package Option (SOLD OUT) —or— Pay 3-Day Beginner Package Option (SOLD OUT) —and / or— Pay Group Lesson Option (SOLD OUT) -- UPDATE #8: I will send out an email Friday morning of the trip with my cell no. and my room no. for you to meet me. Please make sure your email and Meetup notification settings allow for you to always receive messages from the organizer. I'll be there at 4pm, and I will give everyone their lift ticket passes, rental forms, room keys... Click here to view full event posting... https://bit.ly/2zRTu6j

  • Charity Happy Hour at Umaya!

    Umaya Izakaya

    Okay, time to get together for our next happy hour of the year! Our happy hour will benefit One Common Unity, a member supported non-profit organization whose mission is to create and nurture sustainable communities through innovative peace education, arts, and media...requested $5 or $10 cash donation (but not... Click here to view full event description... https://bit.ly/2Crit1N

  • Winter Adventure Getaway — 9 Breathtaking Days in New Zealand!!

    Needs a location


    UPDATE #21: For those taking advantage of the group arrival transfer (see the "Flights, Days Off, & Airport Transfer" section of the trip posting for full details), just a reminder to look for the person at the arrival gates with the sign that says "J.T.'s DC New Zealand Meetup Trip." If you are not taking advantage of the group arrival transfer... Click here to view full trip description... https://bit.ly/2IBGcgD

  • Scavenger Hunt at the National Zoo!

    Smithsonian National Zoological Park


    We'll meet up outside at the Connecticut Avenue main entrance (just behind the large concrete "Zoo" sign and the two large lion statues) at 2pm. Please be ON TIME! I'll be the one with a red flag (1 foot x 1 foot in size) with the word "ACK" on it. If you've done one of our scavenger hunts before, you'll know we get a fresh set of clues / questions... Click here to view full event description... https://bit.ly/2DVrLoz

  • Rising Sun Adventure — 9 Extraordinary Days in Japan!!

    Needs a location


    Pay Double Occupancy Deposit Only (https://bit.ly/2Rrec7O) —or— Pay Double Occupancy Full Payment (https://bit.ly/2QVk9L0) —or— Pay Single Occupancy Deposit Only (https://bit.ly/2TduHBG) —or— Pay Single Occupancy Full Payment (https://bit.ly/2EWAQiS) -- UPDATE #1: I've announced the Japan pre-trip dinner. Click here (https://bit.ly/2H8bIaL). If you've already made payment or deposit for the Japan trip and can make the dinner, please RSVP for the dinner but do NOT make payment, as the dinner is FREE for those joining the Japan trip itself. Please do so by Sun. Feb.... Click here to view full trip description... https://bit.ly/2F04pzZ