Software Engineers Wanted (If You Can Find Any)

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NOTE: This event is NOT on a first-Wed of the month like usual, since Object Oriented Programming - Back to Basics ( is scheduled at that time.

## Abstract

Are we really software engineers? Our profession seems a lot more like programming than software engineering. Engineering is based on the laws of physics, or chemistry, or *something*. Are there at least best practices? It's really difficult to find multiple programmers that agree on the right way to write code, so industry-standard best practices are often elusive, too. This talk gives the closest thing the author has ever found to a principled foundation for how we should write code in C++.

## About the speaker

Zach Laine has been using C++ in the industry for 16 years, focusing on data visualization, numeric computing, games, generic programming, and good library design. He's a C++ standard committee member and a Boost library author. He finds the process of writing bio blurbs to be a little uncomfortable.