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Welcome to Vegan Life Colorado!
"Vegan Life Colorado" (VLC) is sponsored by  Animal Action Network, a Colorado based nonprofit vegan/animal rights, community building, educational and advocacy organization.
While "Vegan Life Colorado" is based in Denver Metro Colorado, we also host or support and promote fun, interesting, and educational activities in other areas of Colorado, and work with and support Veg Grand Junction group. VLC plans events other areas, including Colorado sanctuaries  We promote and support our friends at Fort Vegan in Fort Collins, and Castle Rock Vegans.
Vegan Life also supports and promotes VegFest Colorado, a large, fun, educational and community building annual event for the Denver Metro area and beyond!
This group welcomes everyone, regardless of dietary preference (vegan for health, animals and/or environment, ovo/lacto vegetarian, total vegetarian, pre-vegan, vegan curious, non-vegan, etc), to join our fun and friendly community to learn about a more healthy, compassionate, and eco friendly, plant-based/vegan lifestyle.  We welcome your participation in a variety of 
social activities. We encourage your input and suggestions to help grow and nurture a wonderful community to benefit you, the animals, and our Earth. Let us know if you would like to suggest and help host gatherings that interest you 
Come join our Vegan Life family so you won't miss anything!  Having a kind and supportive community is important for all of us.
• Although we welcome everyone to join and bring guests to come explore a plant-based/vegan lifestyle, since we are based on learning more about veganism for our health, our animal friends, and our planet, and helping people try new foods, we do require that all food and beverages at our gatherings be plant-based /vegan. There would be no reason to have a vegan group, if attendees eat at our gatherings, the same as they do every other meal. In that case, we would simply be a social group that eats. It's also really nice for our members who live the vegan lifestyle, when we all enjoy plant-based meals together. Thank you so much for understanding.
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Explore Vegan ~ Enjoy Vegan ~ Explore Vegan ~ Enjoy Vegan ~ Explore Vegan
If you would also like to work with others to help animals through peaceful direct grassroots action, click **Animal Action Network MeetUp **and see what good things we're up to!
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