Hottest AWS Related Services from Japan - Workshop!

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This daytime workshop will cover using a range of AWS related services provided by Japanese companies, in use by everyone from startups right up to Enterprises. This will also have an introduction and demo, to allow you to learn new technologies and features.

Afterwards, please feel free to stick around for the AWS UG, which will be in the evening of the same day.

Reasons to attend

• Learn how you can use AWS more easy and effectively

• Learn Cloud Native usage of AWS

• Chance to get to know a Japanese tech company

Who should attend

• Anyone who interested in cloud services

• Business managers who would like to gain a greater understanding of cloud technology

• Developers, IT Managers or Business owners seeking to understand the basics of AWS

• Fans of AWS!!



Admission starts

2:00PM - 5:00PM

Cloud Automator (

Cloud Automator is the best tool to automate Amazon Web Services (AWS) operations - such as EBS backup, start and stop EC2 instances.

Use Case

1. Stop Development EC2 instances outside of work hours to save on cost.

2. Create EBS snapshot every week.

3. Create EC2 AMI every day

4. Snapshot RDS instance every Monday


in this opportunity, we share the fruit of our knowledge we've gotten in these ten years. The topics are below.

1. What's AWS and what's good about that?

2. What is the easiest way to use the world's most modern infrastructure for your (clients') websites?

3. What is the best practice to get most out of WordPress and AWS combination?

Tools to solve the problem of advanced WordPress developers and business

One of the largest problem that WordPress developers face when their business grow is hosting. Hosting is the core for stability, scalability, and speed. Also, the workflow must be modern. We need to get backups automatically, deploy changes repeatedly, update WordPress and plugins smoothly, while the websites must be working under any circumstances.

Our work with clients have given us a lot of experience, and we have created the tools to solve problems and to make our daily jobs easier.

All of them are open sourced!

We introduce these tools on this event. The tools we show you are below.

# 1. AMIMOTO simple instance

AMIMOTO is an EC2 web server you can boost with one click. It's pre-configured to offer WordPress users to start serving their websites with the best set-up of the middleware and WordPress. Nginx, PHP7, and proxy caching server and all the useful tools such as WP-CLI, and plugins that combine AWS and WordPress.

# 2. JIN-KEI Cloudformation

JIN-KEI is a formation of the AWS services, such as EC2, RDS (the database), S3(the assets storage), CloudFront(the CDN), and Elastic Load Balancing. Setup this formation with one click and start serving all the traffic you get.

# 3. Other tools

Based on AMIMOTO and JIN-KEI, there are more tools which you can utilize to boost your business.

• Elasticommerce: A robust expansion kit for WooCommerce, which enables you to operate your site at minimal infrastructure cost, even with varying access numbers depending on the seasons, events, and promotional campaigns.

• Elasticommerce Search Form: A cloud-based elastic product search. This offloads the heavy searching process from your WordPress and web server to AWS.

• Elasticommerce Related Items: This will learn what customers have purchased and searched for. Based on this learning, it recommends items users would be most interested in.

• Mautic: An open source software, which helps you automate your marketing process and communicate with users.

• Plugins to offload things from your WordPress to AWS: Search, rankings, related posts, and things like these are better to be offered outside of WordPress, especially the sites are large and high-traffic. AWS are good at doing these calculations, so we should get the results back from the services through APIs. We have open sourced plugins to connect WP and outer services.

5:00PM - 5:30PM

Question & Answer Session