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A group of Amazon Web Services Users in Singapore. We meet every month to talk about technology, and how we build things.

We gather people working with lots of different technologies that take advantage of cloud solutions.

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AWS Meetup ( In person ) - August 2022

Needs a location

Hi Everyone!

Pls, be informed of the upcoming meetup scheduled on Thursday 25 -August -2022.

Here is the agenda for this event,

1. Infrastructure as a code and GitOps in motion with pull pattern deployment by Vincent

This talk starts with the quick introduction of Infrastructure as a code/Gitops to keep everyone on the same page. Followed by extensive discussion on the pull pattern for Infrastructure as a code and Gitops with the emphasis on security best practices ( like ensuring instance role is assumed directly from the same account and no chain assume-roles between different accounts, ensuring least privilege, restricting AWS credentials usage outside the system, etc.) you will also understand the same thing with Gitops for EKS with flux. This talk will also explore pros/cons of GIT repository patterns like mono repo with git flow, mono repo with everything in different directory and trunk based small different repositories. Finally, We will conclude the talk with the analysis of pull pattern deployment with the proper GIT repository structure.

2. Storytelling for Children with AI Technology by Crystal Xuan Li Chang, AWS

In this session we will walk through “Interactive Storytelling for Children”, an application we’ve built using AWS Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and services which analyse and play sound effects accompanying live storytelling in real-time. The demo will show how you can build smarter, intuitive, engaging applications, adding AWS AI and machine learning-based language services out-of-the-box to SDK to incorporate voice and chat functions in your user experience during real-time streaming.

3. Setup desktops at scale on AWS by Chirag Nayyar

4. Networking at nearby Pub :)

Important reminders
- This is a mask on event

- Bring your identification (NRIC, driver's license, work pass)

  • As usual for all in-person meetups, there will be pizza provided to attendees, on a first come first serve basis (we will cater to vegetarians, halal as well) courtesy of AWS. This will be served from 6.30 onwards. It will be limited and on a first-come-first-served basis, so do not come too late else it will run out

- There will be buy-your-own-drinks networking after the actual meetup at a nearby pub (probably Kazbar)

- There will be swag / credit codes give-aways

Actual Day Procedures:

Visitors are required to register at the building reception on the first floor in order to access the AWS office on the 10th floor, where you will be issued a pass for the 9th floor where the meetup event is taking place [masked] Tanah Merah Room). We will position ushers during peak periods.

Identity Pass - Identity card, driver's license, or passport required for registration at 1st-floor reception and 10th-floor AWS office

SafeEntry Check-in - Recommended but not mandatory

Mask - Mask wearing is required indoors if you are not drinking or eating

Physical Distancing - Recommended 1m

Personal Hygiene - Maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Hand sanitizers and/or wipes are provided in AWS office.

At the end of the meetup, we will also head to the nearby pub to continue networking as per our usual tradition.

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