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AWS Meetup - January 2019 - Serverless Night

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AWS Offices Singapore

23 Church Street, Capital Square, #10-01, Singapore - 049481, +65-67220300 · Singapore

How to find us

We will be using the new Level 9 auditorium


This is the 1st Meetup of 2019.

This time, we are focusing exclusively on serverless topics.

As usual, we are looking for speakers who can share for about 10 - 15 mins on a proposed topic. Please drop a message directly on this Meetup page or contact the organisers via our Discord Group and we will get it sorted out. Speaker slots are limited and tend to be snapped up fast, so don't miss this chance!

- Starting with Serverless Applications on AWS Lambda using AWS SAM framework - Haprit Singh

- A Serverless First Approach - Nick den Engelsman (BandLab)

- How we exposed a 3rd party built service in a pure Serverless, H/A and elastic manner using AWS Fargate, Cloudfront, and Lambda@Edge - Dario Ferrer (Mayara Cloud)

- Lock in with Serverless - Legendary Kai Hendry

- Lambda Layers - Keith Rozario

- Drinks after meetup