AWS Meetup - July 2019

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AWS User Group Singapore
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This is the 7th meetup of the year.

As usual, we are looking for speakers who can share for about 10 - 15 mins on a proposed topic. Please drop a message directly on this Meetup page or contact the organisers via our Discord Group and we will get it sorted out. Speaker slots are limited and tend to be snapped up fast, so don't miss this chance!

Here is the Agenda for the event,

1) Serverless In-Memory Computing for interactive DataViz in Python
Notebooks by Antoine Chambille

Abstract: At ActiveViam we believe that Python notebooks are the new
way to do Business Intelligence. To take this vision further we're
contributing an interactive DataViz extension to the Jupyter project,
and we're building an AWS service that manages notebooks and
dynamically allocates in-memory computing resources to accelerate
underlying queries. This session presents the architecture and decision
choices behind this new serverless platform.

2) What it means to be an architect in the days of agile and cloud ? by Gregor Hohpe

Abstract: Running applications in the cloud has brought numerous architectural changes: applications are now meant to be "cloud native", split into micro-services, stateless, 12 factor-compliant, and what not. At the some time, the cloud vendors make it look like architecture has become a paint-by-numbers exercise that largely consists of selecting the right product for the right purpose.

This talk takes a fresh look at what it means to be an architect and how this translates into being a cloud architect.

3) Analysing Production Ready EKS Cluster by Nikit Swaraj

Abstract: In this talk, we will walk through the EKS components like the master plane and Worker node. We will see how to manage the networking, monitoring, security, and deployment in EKS. We will also see some of the stable add-ons which provide out of the box feature into the k8s cluster.

4) Free Slot

- Drinks after meetup