AWS Meetup - August 2019

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AWS User Group Singapore
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This is the 8th meetup of the year.

As usual, we are looking for speakers who can share for about 10 - 15 mins on a proposed topic. Please drop a message directly on this Meetup page and we will get it sorted out. Speaker slots are limited and tend to be snapped up fast, so don't miss this chance!

Here is the Agenda for the event,

1) Super lightweight demo systems: Building stateful , multiparty demo / proof of concept systems with no servers, no databases, no maintenance and trivial costs. - Jon R


I've been working with some unconventional architectures to prototype complex workflows. Serverless aurora has a baseline capacity far higher than you need for this work. The standard Api gateway-lambda architecture requires a lot of admin for a constantly changing interface.

This is how to build a system with trivial setup time, 0 background cost and 0 maintenance to keep it running.

2) Managing multiple servers using Systems Manager - John Anthony Mariquit

Synopsis: A quick overview on how to leverage Systems Manager for remote administration of multiple EC2 instances without the need of remotely logging into each EC2 instance individually.

Demo will be done using both AWS Console and via AWS CLI

3) AWS for Natural Language Processing - Salman Jaffer
Synopsis: Salman will talk about his team in APAC that develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions on the cloud. He will cover a brief introduction to NLP, the process and the features provided. He will give a demo for the features.

- Drinks after meetup