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About our hosts:

Austin Loveless carries multiple AWS Certifications and currently works as DevOps/FullStack Engineer at Stuzo. He has worked on projects of all sizes from startups of 3 people to Fortune 500 companies of 5000 people. He is the host of AWS Meetup Group and is working towards teaching more people from any background about cloud technologies.

Kevin Tinn now resides in Denver. With over a decade in the IT industry, he has worked with companies of all scale. From installing network cabling in small dental offices to developing massively parallel data streaming platforms for the Fortune 500, Kevin has provided a full spectrum of IT Solutions. Kevin currently works at World Wide Technology as a Practice Lead in the Multicloud Application Architecture team. In this role, provides cloud consulting services, with a focus on AWS and Azure. Prior to joining the WWT Multicloud team, Kevin led agile software development teams in WWT’s Asynchrony Labs, utilizing a variety of languages and technologies such as C#, Scala, JavaScript, Kafka, SQL, Neo4j, etc.

Upcoming events (2)

Intro to Kubernetes on AWS with Grafana and Prometheus

Online event

LIVE STREAM: https://youtu.be/dDyIxWlx4Qs
ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/94465903662?pwd=dUZHVEpYUGFwanFnVWVmT0dqSFd1dz09

This workshop is intended to be a thorough tutorial on how to build an application in EKS from start to finish, and explain the various resources Kubernetes has to offer.

We will build onto the application we built in the last meetup(https://www.meetup.com/AWSMeetupGroup/events/275348135/) where we built a Cryptocurrency application that shows you a trend in prices. We're going to be adding a few more Kubernetes resources including Ingress, Ingress controller, Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, and DaemonSet (Prometheus).

AWS Managed:
- AWS Timestream to store Cryptocurrency data.

- Grafana with public internet access through an Ingress resource to view and visualize Cryptocurrency data.
- Cryptocurrency workers inside of the "crypto" namespace.
- Horizontal Pod Autoscaling to ensure self-healing.
- ReplicaSet to increase redundancy.
- DaemonSet to monitor application metrics with Prometheus.
- Grafana to visualize Prometheus metrics.

- Intro/What is Kubernetes
- Set up KubeConfig/Deploy first EKS Cluster
- Build a basic application inside of EKS
- Explain Kubernetes resources in-depth
- Build a larger EKS application using the Cryptocurrency app
- Walkthrough Grafana and Prometheus Kubernetes monitoring
- Q&A (Come with questions)

Intro to AWS IoT Greengrass - Edge Computing

Online event

LIVESTREAM: https://youtu.be/HpEDDCAZiCM

Join the AWS Meetup Group to cover part 2 of our AWS IoT series. We will build upon part 1, in which we configured Raspberry PI’s to send data into a data analytics pipeline in AWS using IoT Core. During part 2 of this series, we will take it a step further into the AWS IoT service portfolio and configure the Raspberry PI’s to send their data to an instance of AWS IoT Greengrass.

AWS IoT Greengrass is open-source edge runtime that extends AWS capabilities such as Lambda to on-prem devices, as well as providing services such as data stream management, over-the-air-updates, and connectors with built-in integration with other services, protocols, and software.

During this meetup, you will get the basic knowledge required to understand a ground-to-cloud architecture that collects data on-prem and submits it to an instance of Greengrass that will then in turn handle the transmission of this data to AWS services in a secure manner. We will also cover how moving processing from AWS to on-prem, utilizing Greengrass, can provide shorter processing cycles while providing greater resiliency to your architectures

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