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Adobe Illustrator for Laser Cutting (Virtual)

Online event


Learn to prepare designs for etching & cutting in Adobe Illustrator. We will focus on file creation for ACE CO2 100W Laser Cutter. While this class use case includes Adobe Illustrator and the ACE Laser the principles covered are fundamental to laser preparation.

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator is required. While folks may still get value from the class, the most benefit will be realized if participants bring a laptop running Adobe Illustrator. If you are new to Illustrator please at least take a free online Getting started will Illustrator that can be found by searching.

This class will cover translating your drawing or design into a file that our laser can read and burn. We will cover:

• Raster vs Vector Art and how they burn.
• Creating .DXF and .SVG files.
• Walkthrough of file prep best practices. Folks with a laptop running illustrator will be able to follow along.
• Common issues and troubleshooting
• Illustrator tools for expedited design
• Ways to learn more.

This intermediate-level class focused on preparing files does not cover laser certification requirements. Certification and membership are required to use the ACE laser.

Learn more about ACE Laser Certification. https://www.acemonstertoys.org/laser/

Please RSVP thoughtfully and carefully. The class requires a minimum of 3 people to run.

Laser Certification - Beginner Level

Ace Makerspace


This workshop covers the basics of laser operation for new laser users. All the basics for certification are also covered.

This class is for folks new to operating a laser. It does not cover file preparation in detail. This workshop is 3 hours and is part lecture and review and part practical experience.

Folks will learn:
~ How Lasers work
~ Laser cutting fundamentals
~ Toolchain and configuration
~ Test cutting and setting determination
~ Basics of Laser SoftProgram limits and benefits
~ Startup and shutdown procedures

This class requires a minimum of 2 people to run. Masks and vaccinations are required. See below for more information.

Take the knowledge online knowledge check to complete your certification after the class.

All proceed support Ace Makerspace and help us serve over 1200 people a year with innovative programs, equitable access to makerspace resources, more creative, self-reliant communities in Oakland.

Textile Tuesday

Ace Makerspace


An evening of sewing with experts on hand to help and wonderful machines from standard to walking foot! We have a nice complement of sewing machines including a heavy-duty machine, a serger, and several lock stitch machines. Learn more about all the goodies in the studio here on our Textiles web page.

Timing and location
This event is 2 hours and is in the Textiles Studio in suite 206

Masks and vaccination validation required. See Below for more information.

What to bring :
We stock basic supplies but it is a good idea to bring your own specialty supplies or personal scissors if you are picky - we get it ;-)What to bring :

All proceeds go to support Ace Makerspace and the Textiles program during these challenging times.

3D Printing Open Lab

Ace Makerspace

Join us for our 3D Printing Open Lab. This is where to come for training or bring your projects!

Learn how to use the Ace Makerspace 3d Printers and get ideas for how 3D printing can be one of your resources as a maker!

This workshop happens in Clean Fabrication in the upstairs room of suite 214 with your host Ted H., the Ace 3D printing Steward.
Open Lab

Bring your projects and design to troubleshoot or show n' tell for folks who are also on 3D printing adventures.

Available Training
• Learn the basics of how the Ace 3D Printers work including core information about filament, slicers, and getting started:
• Finding or designing something to print (STL file) Using a slicer program to prepare your file for printing.
• Actually printing your objectPreparing for the workshop
• Make sure to sign your paperwork.

All proceed support Ace Makerspace and help us serve over 1200 people a year with innovative programs, equitable access to makerspace resources, more creative, self-reliant communities in Oakland.

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CNC Mill Certification

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