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Ace Monster Toys (http://www.acemonstertoys.org) is a Oakland based hackerspace. Visit our website (http://www.acemonstertoys.org)to learn all about us.

Where people make things and help others make things in a 24/7 shared workspace.

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3D Printer 101 and Hangout

Ace Monster Toys

This class is in Room 214. You're invited to come and hang out with the 3D printing crowd at Ace Monster Toys. We have a low-key gathering every two weeks. Everyone from newcomer to expert is welcome. AMT membership is not required. We start with 3D printer 101. This training is now required for AMT members who want to use our printers. It takes about 30 minutes or so. You may leave after the training if you don't want to hang out, or you may skip the training and show up later. The remainder of the meeting is unstructured; we tend to do whatever the attendees feel like doing. For example: Design for 3D printing can be daunting. Sometimes we plug in the projector and demonstrate the basics of CAD for 3D printing. Got a simple project in mind? Maybe we can bring it to life! If you're having trouble with your printer, bring it along; we'll get you going! (Contact the steward if you think the issue is more extensive than can be handled at a hangout). Have a new project to show off? We'd love to see it! Have you built your own printer? Bring it for show-and-tell! Did you _know_ you can build your own? We'll show you what's involved. So grab your enthusiasm and your curiosity, and join us!

Band Saw + Drill Press 101

Ace Monster Toys


This class is in room 214 downstairs. This core competency class covers the basic things you need to know about the bandsaw and drill press. We will cover the proper use, dust collection, safe use of the saws and shop protocols. This class is designed for beginners, and successful completion of the class counts as Certification. Dress code: short sleeves, closed-toed shoes, and long hair must be tied back. Basic safety gear will be provided. If you are not a dues-paying AMT member you will need to fill out the guest release of liability form: https://www.acemonstertoys.org/forms/ This class requires a minimum of 3 students to run. If the class is cancelled we can offer a refund but otherwise do not.

Box Bots Build Party

Ace Monster Toys

This meetup is in room 214, upstairs. Come build your Box Bots for the 2017 Season! Not a member yet of the program? Join today at http://www.boxbots.org. This build party is where participants in the Box Bots 2017 season can come and build your awesome cardboard robot. Talk with other builders, swap ideas, get answers to questions about motors and batteries and radios. Cut cardboard and lay down hot glue. We will have a limited number of kits available for pickup at the event, join BoxBots today to reserve yours!

MIG Welding 101

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This class runs as two 3 hour sessions. Wednesday - 7pm - 10pm Thursday - 7pm - 10pm Learn basic MIG welding skills with an emphasis on safe work practices in a metal shop environment. • Students must wear closed toed leather shoes, long sleeved shirts, and pants made of cotton, wool, or leather. • Welding and cutting specific personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided. • Students will be given safety glasses, hearing protection, and welding gloves. • Some students prefer to have a bandana or cap to protect their hair. Long hair will need to be securely tied back. • Students should be prepared to get anything they wear dirty and possibly damaged by sparks. Optional texts: “Welding Skills” by Moniz and Miller “Welder’s Handbook” by Richard Finch Please note that the cost is per person, and if you RSVP for a guest it will show as +1 on your RSVP. Please do not alter the amount manually in the paypal dialog box for additional fees. Cancellation policy: Class will be cancelled and rescheduled for the following month if no more than one person (excluding hosts) signs up to attend.

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Sunday Afternoon Art and Tea

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