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Jazz Improvisation

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I added this again because the first time was short notice. The 1st weeks quizzes are due on Monday so you still have time.

I realize there aren't a lot of jazzers in this group, and this really is jazz, but it's taught by Gary Burton, and it's free!

This is a free online class offered by Coursera. The course is 6 weeks long and does require a time commitment, and I would say it's not geared to beginners, but for more experienced players, it may really be a help to get you going further in your development.

I took the songwriting course the last time around, and it was very informative and helpful.

Going through the first day I can see that this course will require some capability of recording on your computer in order to submit the class assignments. Most computers have built in mics, and you can download the recording software.

I'm taking this course, so we can compare notes if anybody is interested.