Lennie Noiles: Who Shall We Be Together


Join us for an insightful and inspiring evening with Lennie Noiles!

Who Shall We Be Together

Are you working with teams; be it a dev team, a leadership team, a product team, etc.? Are you aware of the impact of creating a strong team alliance? Are your team’s working agreements a bulleted list of nice thoughts, or is it an effective living structure that is honored by and challenges the team to come together at a higher level of being?

In this interactive discussion we will explore alignment, agreement, and accountability in the context of a team. We will also differentiate the team’s expectations of the team coach in contrast to coaching agreements and contracts.

Together we will co-create with responsibility. This session will provide scaffolding to build a structure for creating working agreements enabling high performing teams. The components of this structure include: building a foundation platform centered around team alignment, getting clarity on who we are as individuals and how we are as a team, creating the team agreements through inquiry, and weaving the thread of team accountability throughout the process. We will also model the role of the coach as facilitator and design the team coaching contract.

Lennie is a leadership coach with over a dozen years of agile experience. He is passionate about helping organizations, teams, and individuals seek, find, and realize their potential. Lennie is a master at blending traditional methods and alternative approaches to facilitate the exploration of new perspectives and possibilities on the leadership journey.

Lennie also provides professional coaching supervision specifically for Agile coaches who want to improve their coaching through self reflection and/or who want to become Agile leaders.
"Lennie changes peoples lives just by listening." ~ overheard conversation

You can learn more about Lennie at his website www.lennienoiles.com.