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This is a strategic group for the cross-functional leaders engaged in cloud-based operating models with software-defined data centers. Our members include many cross-functional leadership roles, such as architects, managers, executives, scrum/Kanban masters, Release Train Engineers, business stakeholders, and senior engineers. The dialog is centered around the disruptive effects of cloud orchestration technologies, including how integration of agile management systems can leverage cloud orchestration technologies to increase organizational velocity and operational efficiency. Towards that end, we will have regular events with speakers who will explain new developments, explain reference architectures for leveraging specific tools, and expand everyone’s understanding of what is possible.

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Agile Architecture For Cross-Functional Teams

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Agile enterprise architecture is a well known challenge for many organizations. Common problems in enterprise architecture inhibit implementation of Agile in many organizations.

Agile Cloud Manager, a free tool, can help solve these problems by organizing the project definitions and automated deployments already in place in your organization. The Agile Cloud Manager is a high-level tool that enables an enterprise to model its systems in terms of the enterprise's unique operating model. The Agile Cloud Manager can help make it a lot easier to perform surgical operations on high-level components of an enterprise's unique business model. It can help make it a lot easier for an organization to integrate all systems into one single enterprise-level value-stream pipeline. It can be used to reduce the size of an enterprise attack surface.

The audience for this is cross-functional, including agile coaches, architects, scrum masters, engineers, and executives.

Group discussion will be facilitated by slides designed to invoke dialog about the interconnections between architecture and Agile programs so that it can become a lot easier for Agile programs to be more thoroughly implemented.

Jim Slavin is the Principal Consultant at Agile Cloud Institute, Inc. Jim is the architect of the Agile Cloud Manager and is a frequent public speaker. Jim has more than 20 years of experience in IT with a focus on enterprise architecture and agile. Jim can be reached through https://AgileCloudInstitute.io

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Migrating Between Cloud Providers With The Agile Cloud Manager

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