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This is a strategic group for the cross-functional leaders engaged in cloud-based operating models with software-defined data centers. Our members include many cross-functional leadership roles, such as architects, managers, executives, scrum/Kanban masters, Release Train Engineers, business stakeholders, and senior engineers. The dialog is centered around the disruptive effects of cloud orchestration technologies, including how integration of agile management systems can leverage cloud orchestration technologies to increase organizational velocity and operational efficiency. Towards that end, we will have regular events with speakers who will explain new developments, explain reference architectures for leveraging specific tools, and expand everyone’s understanding of what is possible.

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Hands-On Multi-Cloud with Agile Cloud Manager

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This is hands-on training for engineers. You will learn how to easily create and destroy infrastructure in multiple clouds using a free tool, the Agile Cloud Manager. You will be orchestrating templates we will provide written in many different languages, including Terraform, CloudFormation, and ARM templates.

The tool makes it a lot easier to re-use templates from many vendors in a cloud-agnostic way.

You will learn how to get more work done in less time, so that you can shorten the cycle time for your projects.

Pre-requisites you will need include:
1. An AWS account to which you can log in as root.
2. An Azure account to which you can log in as Account Owner.
3. A GitHub account of which you are Owner.
4. Python installed on your laptop.

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Hands-On Multi-Cloud with Agile Cloud Manager

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