Agile at Scale SIG - SAFe Kanbans - from concept to cash

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Topic: SAFe Kanbans - from concept to cash

When your CEO and your lead developer sit at desks a few yards apart, getting from concept to cash is easy. But what happens when they don’t even sit in the same building? And there’s marketing, legal and other departments in the way? How do you scale that communications path?

SAFe provides an answer. At every level of SAFe there is a kanban, or backlog, that takes ideas from above, then curates and feeds them towards the teams. This discussion will take an indepth look at these kanbans and how to efficiently move ideas from concept to cash.

Speaker: Lee Allison

Lee Allison has been involved in IT since leaving the US Navy in 95 an has performed project management roles in the largest corporations in the world. A decade ago he ran into, and fell in love with agile practices when he saw how much of a difference agile can make in people's work lives. He currently lives and practices in Austin Tx.

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