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Welcome to Agile Austin! Keeping Austin Agile, One User Story at a Time.

Agile Austin is the largest group of Agile professionals in the central Texas Area. As a 501c(6) non-profit, we provide and promote gatherings of like-minded individuals in the Austin Area.

Agile Austin’s mission is to connect people and foster professional growth through collaborative events that educate our community on uncovering better ways to deliver value through Agile values, principles, and practices.

Come connect with us, share and collaborate together, and grow through learning from others. www.agileaustin.org.

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Applying Lean in a Scrum World

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Your organization may think of themselves as a Scrum Organization. So where and how do Lean principles and practices fit in that world. Let's discuss over Lean Coffee.

Applying STATIK to Launch New Teams or to Re-align Existing Teams

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Description: STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach To Introducing Kanban) can be a great way to help teams get up and running quickly, or to re-align / re-form existing teams. This approach is based on the first principle of the Kanban method - “Start with what you do, or know, now”. Whether the team intends to apply the Kanban method, Scrum, or some other approach, STATIK serves as an effective model to establishing a team's purpose and way of working. This can be an important foundation to help streamline and de-risk scaling by providing clarity for Team and System level alignment.

Speaker: Richard Dolman

Richard Dolman is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) who tries to help people and organizations unlock their hidden potential. As an enterprise agility coach and trainer, he gets to work with awesome people, who inspire and challenge him. He works with executives, managers and teams to guide them toward sustainable growth and continuous improvement.

Agile Austin Book Club "Classic" series: Slack

Needs a location

We're on hiatus in August, and the rude challenge is to go read a book you think might be a good match for Agile Austin Book Club, and if you decide it is a good match, suggest it using this form. (Or just get a jump on reading Slack or Factfulness.

In September we're reading Tom DeMarco's Slack. We may complete our discussion in one session, if not we'll continue September 15th.

*** We're still on Zoom, but looking to go hybrid. Please send ideas for an in-real-life venue to [masked] ***

Next books:

Also, we're looking for participation in a grand experiment to take Book Club hybrid. None of these roles is intended as a single person, i.e. we'll share out the responsibilities:

  • If you would like to be one of the in-room facilitators, please contact [masked].
  • if you'd like to be on the program (book selection) committee, please contact [masked]
  • if you're interested in being a scribe to capture what we discover, please contact [masked].
  • If you have a lead on a venue in the Austin area for our hybrid meetings, please contact [masked]
  • If you're interested in being a "link" between online and in-room participants—no experience necessary, we're trying to figure this out!—please contact Ned, or Jim, or Patrick

We'll continue to be pure-virtual until we find a venue, so if you know of a place, please speak up!
Remote Process
Our process is in flux -- we're experimenting with new moderation and recording techniques, so please be on time and please be patient. And expect a call for participation -- we want this to be your book club.

Discussion Notes
for this and all our books may be found here (this recently changed). Notes are open to comment by anyone (please do!) and you'll also find how to get REIMBURSEMENT for books and the READING LIST for possible future books. (Discussion notes may or may not be taken in future -- we're experimenting to see what's valuable.)

About Book Club
We meet most months the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, so you can put that in your calendar. When and if we resume physical meetings we'll feed you, and if you participate in most of the sessions, we'll even reimburse you for the book, so save that receipt.

We have not recorded Book Club sessions in the past, but that could change:

Recording Disclosure
"AgileAustin has the right to record any hosted event which includes, but is not limited to, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Monthly Meetings, Conferences, and special events. By registering for, or attending an Agile Austin hosted event, you are giving AgileAustin consent to record and post recorded content containing your image, voice and name at a minimum, online. For remote events, you have the option to turn off your camera, mute your microphone and hide your name."

Leader SIG: SHIFT LEFT RECOVERY - Avoid Burnout and achieve Optimal Performance

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Zoom Link:


“SHIFT LEFT RECOVERY - How to avoid Burnout and achieve Optimal Performance”

Topic Description:
The stress caused by the pandemic, post-pandemic, and poor adaptation to remote work are currently negatively impacting knowledge workers - people who use their minds to innovate, create services or products, and serve their customers. This impact is translated into demotivation and lack of meaning at the personal level, and decreased productivity at the organizational level.“Shift Left Recovery” - is a virtual, interactive and practical Workshop designed for companies under risk or experiencing symptoms of exhaustion.The objective of this workshop is to ensure that the participants have the basics about Burnout syndrome, its early detection and how to use this to achieve better satisfaction in their personal performance. In this workshop, the participants:

  • They discover the causes of Burnout and how to detect them in themselves and in others
  • Obtain techniques to minimize stress
  • Discover what is the opposite of burnout
  • Create their own recipes to mitigate stress and promote optimal performance
  • They end with a regular practice of 10 days to combat stress

Speaker Bio:
JJ Ruescas - Human Optimization Strategist

JJ started his career in the world of technology, where he led teams on several continents, guiding them to reach high-performance using the DevOps Philosophy.Nowadays, and thanks to his passion for immersing and mastering areas like Productivity, Neuroscience, Psychology, Optimal Breathing, Nutrition, Cloud Technologies, etc, he is currently a High Performance and Results Coach for Entrepreneurs, and C-Level Executives of companies in LATAM, and the US.As part of his personal mission to Optimize every human, 1% every day, he created the platform Optimizing me and the Podcast with the same name, where he regularly has conversations with leaders from different industries and areas of human development to extract insights that the audience benefits from.


Zoom Link:

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