AI Ethics : Working session #2 to synthesize framework


Guiding questions :

After a successful session to start building the framework, we will continue to do so at this session.

This is going to be a working session so come prepared with paper, pens, a computer so that you can take notes and actively participate in creating the framework.

NOTE : Please join as we will be actively discussing things there leading up to the session. [Link to join will be sent in a separate email]

Format : [Please don't be late as there is a lot of ground to cover]

6:30-6:35 introduction on the format of the session

6:35 - 7:25 break out into groups to work on building up versions of the model [this will help add diversity to the viewpoints and ultimately build a stronger final framework]
7:25 - 7:55 all groups merge back and discuss unresolved issues and points of contention
7:55 - 8:00 session wrap-up and feedback

NOTE: Readings are mandatory for this session so that we can have productive working groups

Readings :

Please make sure to have readings completed from the following sessions :

The summary from the first working session is available on Slack so please make sure to join it

Bonus Readings (for even more productive discussions) :

Same thing as above applies for the bonus readings