What we're about

We aim to connect innovators in the field of arts, culture, and technology.

Our meetups are designed to explore the ways in which social media and technology can help bring arts and culture to the masses. "Democratizing" the arts has been a long-standing goal in the art world, and no medium makes it more feasible than the web.

The purpose of this meetup is to bring together those working at the intersection of arts and technology to share ideas, strategies, successes, challenges and failures, and to explore the following questions:

- How can the new technology available help raise awareness about the arts and enrich the audience experience?

- How can cultural institutions interact and engage with each other and their audience in meaningful ways?

- What can they learn from their audience and how can they use this knowledge to improve the way in which they present their content?

- What kind of collaborations are happening at the intersection of arts and tech?

- What are the possibilities of arts and tech?

- As well as countless others that we hope to uncover at future meetups!

Upcoming events (2)

Generative Graphics Workshop with vvvv

Online event

Enroll: https://grayarea.org/workshop/generative-graphics-workshop-with-vvvv/ In this two-day workshop, learn to create generative graphics using node based programming language called vvvv. During this session you will learn to build an immersive visual system, by applying various visual effects on a 3D animated character exported using Adobe Mixamo. This session will be a practical introduction to vvvv, with focus on 3D graphics and using data. For those who are interested in creating immersive visuals through code with the flexibility of creating interactive, physical experiences, this workshop is the perfect place to start. Dates: Monday September 28 & Wednesday September 30 Times: 5 – 8pm PST Cost: $120 Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Requirements: • Windows PC with a microphone input and a mouse (both necessary for this workshop)

Online: Electronic Prototyping For Designers Workshop

Online event

Enroll by 9/04: https://grayarea.org/workshop/electronic-prototyping-for-designers/ Whether you want to make a heated knee brace, an interactive wall display using light and touch, or a jacket with lights for biker safety, this workshop is designed to teach you the fundamentals to apply to your own projects. Together, we'll learn to make a heating pad warm up and we'll learn to read data from pressure sensors. We'll also learn the basic terminology, giving you the tools to understand a basic tutorial from Adafruit or Sparkfun. More experienced students can learn more about using flexible and unique electronics in their prototypes. Workshop Dates: Tuesday & Thursday, September 29 & October 1 Registration End Date: Please register by September 4 to allow time for the course materials to be sent out. Times: 5 – 7pm PST This 4 hours online workshop will be held as two 2 hours workshop over two days via video webinar. We will have an online community chat to share your questions during and beyond the workshop. Please contact us if you have any additional questions at [masked]. This workshop requires a LOOMIA Prototyping 101 Pack in order to participate. The cost of the pack is included in the tuition fee, and we ask workshop participants to please register by September 4 to allow time for the course materials to be mailed out.

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How to use AI for your art responsibly

Online event

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