What we're about

We aim to connect innovators in the field of arts, culture, and technology.

Our meetups are designed to explore the ways in which social media and technology can help bring arts and culture to the masses. "Democratizing" the arts has been a long-standing goal in the art world, and no medium makes it more feasible than the web.

The purpose of this meetup is to bring together those working at the intersection of arts and technology to share ideas, strategies, successes, challenges and failures, and to explore the following questions:

- How can the new technology available help raise awareness about the arts and enrich the audience experience?

- How can cultural institutions interact and engage with each other and their audience in meaningful ways?

- What can they learn from their audience and how can they use this knowledge to improve the way in which they present their content?

- What kind of collaborations are happening at the intersection of arts and tech?

- What are the possibilities of arts and tech?

- As well as countless others that we hope to uncover at future meetups!

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C/Change Workshop Series

Needs a location

We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to attend any of our C/Change Workshops as part of the Gray Area Festival 2022 for just $5 each!
Prototype and experiment along with artists and creative technologists from all over the globe, through topics ranging from design history to decentralized livestreaming, reproductive surveillance, and Afro-futurist worldbuilding.

Use promo code: c-change5 for any of the following classes for a 75% off discount of the workshops being offered through C/Change on Sunday October 2nd.

Instructors: Pierre-Christophe Gam
October 2, 11am - 2pm

Is this THING on? A class about Livestreaming
Instructors: Christopher Clary, Bhavik Singh, Molly Soda, Sarah Rothberg
October 2, 11am - 2pm

Coded Portraits: Policing Images from the 1500s to Today
Instructors: Gabriella Garcia, Livia Foldes
October 2, 3pm - 6pm

Graphic Design Roadshow with People’s Graphic Design Archive
Instructors: Briar Levit, Morgan Searcy
October 2, 3pm - 6pm

Read more about C/Change here.

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Gray Area Festival 2021 – Worlding Protocol

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