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Looking for a game of Backgammon with live Rollers? Tired of playing on the Internet? Getting bored rolling dice with a computer program? Join us every Tuesday at 6:00 PM at Galbraith's. This Meetup is for anyone who is interested in playing or learning to play the oldest board game on the planet; Backgammon. Played by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago. Novice to Expert are all welcome to roll the dice.

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2022 NZ On-Line Backgammon Qualifying Tournament

Online event

2022 New Zealand On-Line Backgammon Qualifying Tournament

Date: January 24, 2022

Place: Backgammon Galaxy https://backgammongalaxy.com/

Time: Three days to finish each Round.


Players: Open only to Backgammon Players who are living in or
domiciled in New Zealand.

Format: Top 32 Players will be on Team NZ.

Swiss Format, Quadruple Elimination. You are out of the Tournament if you lose 4 Rounds.

Points count. We will be using Points to determine Places if two or more Players are tied.

Players to register by e-mail to AJM: [masked]
First NameFamily Name(Backgammon Galaxy Name)
Example: Masayuki Mochizuki(mochy): NO Space between Family Name and Backgammon Galaxy Name. (This is important for the bracketing program to correctly display your alias)
e-mail address
phone number
city / town of residence

1. All Players must join Backgammon Galaxy https://backgammongalaxy.com/

2. All Players must register by 17:00 January 23, 2022, with a single email to: [masked]

3. Matches will be 9 Points.

4. Clocks will be set at Normal.

5. Swiss Format: Quadruple Elimination.

6. Tournament Director will randomly allocate each player a number to determine the pairings in the First Round. Thereafter Swiss Format will determine pairings in subsequent rounds. Winners play winners; losers play losers.

7. A Quadruple-Elimination Tournament is a competition in which each player gets an allowance of four losses before being eliminated from the competition. Once you have four losses you are out of the Tournament.

8. Tournament starts at 12:00 midday Monday, January 24, 2022.

9. Players will have three days to finish each Round. The next round cannot begin until completion of all Matches – no results by deadline will be recorded as lose/lose but Players may continue to next round if they don’t have four losses.

10. An Omnibus Players list will be distributed to all registered Players.

11. Players will access https://moreswiss.com to determine who your opponent will be. You do not need to log-in.

Click on “Pairings”
Select Event: 2022 NZ On-Line BG Qualifying
Click on “Get Latest Pairings”

12. Players will be required to contact their opponent & schedule a time to Play the Match.

13. Both Players will be recorded as losing if they are unable to finish the Match within three days. No excuses, no exceptions.

14. Players to report the results of the Match to the Tournament Director. (AJM) [masked]

15. AJM will update the Match Spread Sheet with results and moreswiss.com to determine the next pairings.

16. The Players who finish in the Top 32 will qualify to represent Team NZ in the 2022 Australian / NZ On-Line Challenge.

17. The Players who have won the most Matches will advance. If there is a tie the Players who have won the most Points will be declared the winners and advance.

18. If there is a tie between 2 Players, they will play 1 game to determine the winner. If there is a tie between 3 or more Players, the TD will hold a raffle to determine the winner.

19. TD will send out Link & instructions on how to access Match Spread Sheet once Tournament starts.

Good luck to all,
Happy Rolling

Anchor Leaving

Galbraith's Alehouse

The closer you approach the point of ultimate squeeze, the more you want to run rather than wait. Never break a 5-Point Anchor in your opponents inner Board unless there is an obvious run / roll of the dice.

Run down to Galbraith's and learn how run your anchor.

Safe vs Bold

Galbraith's Alehouse

Compare the strength of the inner-boards. If your inner-board is stronger, make a bold play. If your opponents inner-board is stronger, make a safe play.

If you are behind in the race, make a bold play. Otherwise, make a safe play.

If you have more checkers back, you are inclined to play boldly. If your opponent has more checkers back, you are inclined to play safe.

Be BOLD, head down to Galbraith's and make a Safe play.

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