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Looking for a game of Backgammon with live Rollers? Tired of playing on the Internet? Getting bored rolling dice with a computer program? Join us every Tuesday at 6:00 PM at Galbraith's. This Meetup is for anyone who is interested in playing or learning to play the oldest board game on the planet; Backgammon. Played by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago. Novice to Expert are all welcome to roll the dice.

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Hit or Not

The Good Home Birkenhead

In general, if hitting an opponents blot is an option you probalbly want to hit.

However, there are plenty of exceptions.

  • If you can hit a blot in the outfield or make a key inner board point (5 point) the inner point might take precedence.
  • If hitting leaves you with lots of blots and your opponent with lots of return shots, you best pass up the hit.
  • If your position is stacked and awkward a developing play might be better.
  • If you have a choice between a hit and filling in a key point in a prime, the prime is better.

Head down to The Good Home to learn how to be a hit in your BG Game.

The Best way to learn Backgammon is to Play

Galbraith's Alehouse

The best way to learn Backgammon is to Play. Come play with the Rollers and learn some WOW moves.

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The Good Home Birkenhead