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The field of longevity is exploding, and labs around the world are making enormous progress in understanding the causes of aging and creating interventions to address those causes. And for the first time, a study has identified an intervention that reversed epigenetic aging biomarkers in humans.

Our goal is to educate and inform Austinites about the enormous progress being made in anti-aging and regenerative therapies and provide practical tips for designing your own longevity regimen.

Austin Longevity Biohackers is dedicated to exploring the state of anti-aging and longevity. Topics covered include:

• Exosomes

• Senolytics

• Telomeres

• Stem cells

• Genomics

• DNA modification and maintenance of DNA integrity

• Epigenetics and epigenetic modification

• Autophagy

• Glycation

• Mitochondrial health

• Peptides

• Key blood biomarkers and how to optimize yours

• Nitric oxide, BDNF, sirtuins, CoQ10, NAD+, albumin, glucose, and more -- why they matter and what you can do to optimize your levels

• Key biomarkers such as heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), phase angle, urine/saliva pH, and aging biomarkers based on blood tests, epigenetic markers, and telomeres

• Sleep tracking

• Debunking bad approaches to anti-aging (cryonics, "antioxidants")

• Diet, fitness, and supplementation to support optimal longevity

We focus exclusively on practical, science-backed interventions that are correlated with reduced all-cause mortality, address the known causes of age-related damage (SENS), optimize key biomarkers, or otherwise show promise for significantly extending healthy lifespan in humans or near-human animal models.

While we discuss a few exotic and expensive interventions (such as gene therapy), our focus is much more on low-cost interventions that may improve your odds of extending your healthy lifespan and still being around in the future to take advantage of the much more advanced therapies that will be available.

You're likely to be surprised at how quickly the science is advancing, and by much you can do right now -- at practically no cost! -- to improve your health, and quite possibly your longevity, all the way down to the cellular level.

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