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Debate #7 - Does the fossil evidence demonstrate that evolution is true?

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Come see what the Calvary Chapel folks are up to at the seventh debate in our monthly debate series. It’s good to see their young-earth arguments, which are mostly well-worn and easily defendable. For me it distills down to one big special pleading argument. Geologist Gary Hurd and Robert Richert will be debating from BYS. Calvary chapel will have a PhD

Some people within the academic community don’t want to see debates like this because they say it validates te young-earther’s claims. But this is an informal, local debate – not one with the likes of Donald Prothero or Michael Shermer. I think we can discuss these issues in a civil environment to educate ourselves on the common young-earth arguments, and to be prepared to offer a defense that evolution is true in layman’s terms.

This debate will be streamed from the Streaming Tab at and will also be available on-demand a couple of days after the debate. Please use social media to let others know about this debate!

As always we will be having a discussion at TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) in The City (formerlly The Block) afterwards.