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Join us on our walking discoveries through the city's many districts, be it in the Old Town, the business districts, along the river or elsewhere. We're always interested in finding out more about the weird and wonderful back streets of Bangkok. Interested? Sign up! :)


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Wat Rai King & Don Wai Floating Market

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This week we will go to Wat Rai Khing, a civilian temple was built in 1800 BE. It was named after the district by Luang Por (Father Pook). When the construction was completed, the Buddha image was brought from Wat Sala Poon and enshrined here, later the locals named the image “Luang Pho Wat Rai Khing”. According to legend, this Buddha image was found floating in the river, so the local people hauled it up and enshrined the image at Wat Sala Poon. The Buddha image features Chiang Saen style, assumed to be built by Lanna Thai and Lan Chang craftsmen.
Wat Don Wai is a number one of floating markets in and around Bangkok. The Market is located on a riverside of ThaJeen, behind Wat Don Wai, NakhonPrathom. When it comes to food, Don Wai boasts one of the most impressive spreads we’ve seen anywhere in Thailand. It features both old Thai-style food and sweet things. It’s long been famous for whole ducks boiled in enormous cauldrons with herbs and spices, Stewed Mackerel Fish In Salty Soup, Tom KemPla Ta Pien, KhanomJeen Nam Ya Kati, Nam YaPha, Fish curry in banana leaves, Deep-fried curried fish patties, Thai-style sweets, and local products straight from farms with a reasonable price. Besides from eating, cruising along the river is something you shouldn’t miss. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the uniqueness of antique Thai-style houses which have been preserved its heritage since King Rama VI era. The reasons why we have to visit this market;
1. It is a floating market, and one that is still not overrun by foreigners/tourists. In fact, you'll often be the only one there when you visit.
2. The food is really good and very cheap, and there is lots of it.
3. There is a regular market as well, where all kinds of bargains can be sniffed out.

All in all, a half day well spent! This is THE place you want to remember next time your relatives are visiting :)
The market is about 80% covered, so rain or shine, you should always be OK when we're there.
As always, please bring 590 THB for your tour guide, bus fare and boat trip along Nakorn Chaisri river. Personnel shopping and lunch are not included . As with every other previous walk, we would like to ask to PLEASE leave home on time. When that should be, depends on where you live, but unless you live nearby, we suggest leaving AT LEAST an hour beforehand.
Enjoy the walk ):-

Scouring the back streets of Chinatown

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This day is spending day for Chinese to prepare food for Chinese New Year. Then it is good time to observe and bid farewell to hualung pong the train station. So we're going explore the heart of Chinatown, and end up in Little India, in front of the Hollywood of Thailand in the 60s. Along the way we can expect to visit the Prostitution temple (actual name), a fortune teller (optional), the crocodile temple, the Buddha's Shadow, the city's best street Phad Thai, a weird facial treatment (optional), lovely local markets with the most 'interesting' selection of Chinese snacks, and a selection of local delicacies and refreshments (optional). Chinatown is simply an explosion of the senses!! This a a recurring event. Total distance will be about 3.5km, so it will probably finish in less than 3.5 hours. If it looks like sunny on that day, don't forget to bring the necessary clothing and/or attributes (cap, umbrella, ...). Please bring 300 THB for your tour guide. The refreshments along the route can be paid individually, as you see fit (some people might not wish to sample all of them, even though they are really delicious). And ... as with every other previous walk, we would like to ask to PLEASE leave home on time. When that should be, depends on where you live, but unless you live nearby, we suggest leaving AT LEAST an hour beforehand. The guide can wait for 5 minutes but then the group will leave. Also, kindly RSVP no later than 7pm the day before.

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