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Meet fellow paranormal researchers near you! Bay Area Ghost Hunters (BAGH) is primarily a networking group for the free flow of paranormal information both in person and on the internet. Skepticism is appreciated, but close-mindedness is not. We meet at least once a month at haunted historic locations, somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Ghosts & History Walk of Downtown San Jose

Yoshihiro Uchida Hall


Last year, BAGH developed this special ghost walking tour of Downtown San Jose for the 76th World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon 76) because there is no professional company offering one. There still isn’t, so for those who missed it or would like to see the sites a second time, here’s another chance to do it again. San Jose was founded in 1777 when the original Mexican pioneers were sent to Santa Clara County to produce food for the presidios of San Francisco and Monterey. Many settled around the Guadalupe River, which is not far from today's convention center, making it the oldest part of town. Since then, the city has seen, among other things, the Bear Flag Revolt, the heartbreak of the redistribution of land after the USA took possession of California, the loss of becoming the state capitol, the burning of Chinatown on Market Street, the Hart Lynching and the transition of the valley from Heart's Delight to Silicon. Deb and I have plotted our route and continue researching our script in developing the tour. The tour covers about 1.5 miles. We start at Boccardo Gate on Fourth Street and San Carlos and end at Trials Pub, so we can socialize afterward. This is Downtown San Jose’s first ghost walking tour and hope BAGH members who missed it last year can join us for a seasonal celebration. It’s worth bringing a bottle of water. Since predicting the weather can be hard, please consider taking a sweater. Temperatures around the Bay Area have a tendency to drop when the sun goes down even on the hottest days. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Cost of the tour is $15.00 in advance, $20.00 "at the door," if space is still available. PLEASE NOTE THE RSVP DEADLINE IS 11:59 P.M., OCTOBER 25. This is being done as a fundraiser for BAGH, which is a non-profit organization. Adrienne

Dinner & Gallery Reading with Psychic Medium Sandra O’Hara in Benicia

This special event just dropped in BAGH’s lap and it was hard to say no when it’s something that could pique the interest of several members. It would also be an intriguing way to spend Halloween evening. We’ve been offered the opportunity to participate in an intimate dinner and gallery reading with celebrated Psychic Medium Sandra O’Hara at the haunted Union Hotel. For those who are unfamiliar with Sandra, she is an internationally renown medium who was born in Ireland and currently lives in Naas, County Kildare. Come see her while she’s visiting NorCal! Like the late Annette Martin, Sandra has helped police solve missing person and murder cases. The messages she receives appear to come fast and with ease. For instance, she says that the Union Hotel is filled with the laughter and joy of children from the past. She is endorsed by Loyd Auerbach and the many who sit with her for private readings, when she says there is no promise which departed loved ones will come forward. This special Halloween dinner and gallery reading is $110 per person and limited to 30 people. Costumes are encouraged, but not required. While BAGH will have a presence there, this function is being organized by Sandra O’Hara Events. In order to secure a spot, please go to: https://brownpapertickets.com/event/4357180 Happy Halloween and looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it! Trick or Treat! Adrienne

Group Reading with Psychic Medium Shawna Ristic in Santa Cruz—$30

Due to limited seating for this exclusive event, RSVP ONLY IF YOU WILL ATTEND. NO WAITING LIST. NO REFUNDS. There is room for 8 guests. This is a small group so everyone will have a reading from Shawna. In 2016, we introduced a new gifted intuitive healer and medium to BAGH in Santa Cruz. Her name is Shawna Ristic. She's b-a-a-c-k! Shawna will share her remarkable story with us, then do a reading for each group member. We will meet in her clinic (the office will be closed to the public). In 2016 we heard some amazing and personal messages or signs through Shawna’s lips from our deceased loved ones; or messages of healing that we needed to hear. Shawna Ristic grew up seeing spirits, but as she got older and found little support or belief in what she saw, she became afraid and began shutting down her ability to see discarnate spirits. However, she never lost her ability to connect empathically to others and to help them gain a new perspective. Following a Near Death Experience in 1993, where she met a spiritual council while on the other side, her intuitive abilities began to return and strengthen. She embarked on her path as a healer in 1996 after completing massage therapy school and has had a full practice in hands-on and intuitive healing since. Her work with deceased loved ones and other discarnate spirits is always from the perspective of a healer and to help all parties to move into a more peaceful place with each other. Shawna has been speaking at the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) meetings and conferences. I’m so excited to share Shawna with you again! Meet us in Santa Cruz for an amazing afternoon!!! We look forward to seeing you there! P.S. Shawna’s site is http://shawnaristic.com.

Meet & Greet at the haunted Chuck E. Cheese in San Jose

With the holidays creeping up on us and how busy BAGH was in October, we're looking for something relatively simple to put together for November. Nothing can be simpler than a trip to the pizza parlor and rumors of hauntings at this flagship location of the famed Chuck E. Cheese pizza parlor chain have been spread throughout the South Bay for many years. For those who are not aware, this building originally opened a few decades ago as King Norman’s Kingdom of Toys, which appears to have had a change in ownership to become Magic Village. This photo above, which was found at PlaidStallions.com, was taken when the building was still a toy store. The proprietor of King Norman's, which was associated with a children's TV show, had 21 locations at the business's pique. Regardless, the toy soldiers seen above can now be found at the Children's Museum of Stockton. For more vintage pictures, feel free to go to: http://www.plaidstallions.com/toystores/ten.html . After the toy store closed, I believe it went on to become a discoteque, but have been unable to confirm this. During this period, I understand the building was remodeled to open up the second and third floors to allow for a higher ceiling, but once again have been unable to confirm. If true, the disco was short-lived and the building eventually saw commercial success as Chuck E. Cheese. (Anyone who can help out with these facts, please feel free to speak up—not that ghost folklore has always been concerned about accuracy.) Its legend, however, grew from its tenure as the huge toy store. It is said a little girl fell from its third level and died. Since then, there have been stories of a female child seen around the third story, spirit images in photos, and employees have cleaned up tables only to find one reset for a party of six. From the parking lot, people could see the image of a little girl in a third-story window. When we met there in the past, one of our sensitives did pick up on another presence and members did capture some unusual orbs with their cameras, as well as acquire some stories from staff. So, let's do lunch again and get to know each other better. Since ghosts tend shy away from large crowds and loud noise, trying to find a time that’s relatively quiet is tricky. I’m hoping Sunday lunchtime will be relatively slow. The management doesn’t take reservations without us having to pay for kiddie birthday party accoutrements, but I’ll find a table on the third story for us. Lunch is Dutch treat. This location is just off the Tully Road exit of Highway 101. Although it has plenty of parking, be warned the traffic around the Tully Road offramp of 101 is hideous. Looking forward to seeing everyone again for a nice, casual lunch. Adrienne

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