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Ghost Walking Tour of Downtown San Jose TEST DRIVE
Several BAGH members are aware that I am a regular attendee of the World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon) and have a tradition of organizing ghost walking tours of the host city for the convenience of its members. Worldcon is a convention that travels around the world and I generally have no problem locating tour operators to guide us on these off-site excursions for the Worldcon membership. This year Worldcon 76 is being held in San Jose, California. How ironic that the host city—the 10th largest in the USA and home of its most famous haunted house—does not have a professional tour operator to conduct a ghost walk for paranormal buffs. Well, BAGH is based in San Jose. Not wanting to disappoint the Worldcon members who have regularly joined me on the tours, C-Organizer Deb Wible and I have been putting one together. San Jose was founded in 1777 when the original Mexican pioneers were sent from Yerba Buena to Santa Clara County to produce food for the presidios of San Francisco and Monterey. Many settled around the Guadalupe River, which is not far from today's convention center, making it the oldest part of town. Since then, the city has seen, among other things, the Bear Flag Revolt, the heartbreak of the redistribution of land after the USA took possession of California, the loss of becoming the state capitol, the burning of Chinatown on Market Street and the Hart Lynching. Deb and I have plotted our route and are currently researching and writing our script, but we would appreciate some help in developing the tour. Although we have always pursued history and ghost stories, neither of us claim to be all-encompassing experts. We want to test drive the tour and are looking for feedback and help filling in stories before leading Worldcon 76 members through town. Any questions arising from the stories would help us too, so we'll be making notes of them. The tour covers about 1.5 miles and we also need to determine how accessible it is. We start at Fourth Street and San Carlos and end at a pub, so we can socialize afterward. We also need to time it, but we're aiming for 90–120 minutes. Since we expect this tour to need polishing, we will be doing it at a reduced rate as a fundraiser for BAGH. Psychic Medium Irma Slage will also be joining us to give us her impressions of our points of interest. We are looking for people who will provide feedback, particularly for those who have either a strong background in local history or paranormal experiences/stories. Accessibility issues are also an issue we need to consider, so seeing how it works for people with mobility challenges would be helpful too. This tour is for BAGH members only; no guests. I find bringing a ghost walk to Downtown San Jose an exciting prospect and hope BAGH members look forward to it as well. Adrienne

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Fourth Street & San Carlos · San Jose, CA


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