Final 2019 San Mateo Thursday Music in the Park and "After-Party"

Bay Area New Beginnings
Bay Area New Beginnings
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San Mateo Central Park

50 E 5th Ave · San Mateo, CA

How to find us

We're usually in front of the stage, usually to the left of the center line so the hot sun is to our backs until sunset - and maybe halfway back. Once you arrive, please watch for others!

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➜ Tonight's band is Pop Fiction, playing a fun dance mix. Join us for 2019's final Music in the Park event. FEEL FREE to "hang out" with the group until 9:00 or 9:30, like some of us always do.

The City of San Mateo presents the 2019 Central Park Summer Music Series, every Thursday evening from June 20 through August 15. There's live music and dancing from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Food and beverages are available for purchase - or bring wine, snacks or something else to share!

Use the "comments" area of this page to coordinate plans if you like! Having people arrive early with blankets and reserving us a spot are both very helpful! What's worked best in the past is a spot in the middle of the left half of the lawn (as you face the stage), more or less lined up with the flagpole. That way the sun is to our backs, and we're far enough back that we can still talk during the music - when we're not dancing!

If you're one of the first to arrive, please feel free to post your text/cell number so others can find you.

Learn more about these events and see each week's band at:

Thursday, July 4 (12-2pm): David Martins House Party (Party Mix)
Thursday, July 11: Pride and Joy (Motown/R&B)
Thursday, July 18: Julio Bravo (Latin/Salsa)
Thursday, July 25: SONA (Classic Rock)
Thursday, August 1: Bud E. Luv Orchestra (Swing/Big Band)
Thursday, August 8: Urban Outlaws (Country)
Thursday, August 15: Pop Fiction (Dance Mix)

Here are arrival and parking suggestions provided by the City of San Mateo:

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