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By taking the time to reflect inward, we provide ourselves with the opportunity to challenge our old beliefs, engage fully our present moment experience and attune to our most basic desire for connection, love and happiness. We all have a longing, no matter how unconscious it is, to discover our true nature. If you feel called to begin or advance on the path of personal growth and development, we invite you to join our transformational workshops. We focus on the mind-body of the individual in connection with a diverse, interconnected and evolving world.

This workshop will utilize meditation, guided inquiry and group process to facilitate accessing expanded states of awareness.
Cost: $20
Time: Weekly, Thursdays 7:15pm-8:45pm
Location: 4153 Piedmont Ave, Suite 2 Oakland, CA 94611
Please email RSVP to reserve your spot as space is limited:
CONTACT: grady@therapywithgrady.com

The Facilitator: Grady M. Fort, LMFT #90047
Grady has been active in the world of psycho-spiritual development for over 14 years,
both as a professional clinical counselor in individual & group settings, as well as
through the study and practice of meditation, dream work and development of
expanded states of awareness as a catalyst towards greater healing and growth.

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