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This group is intended to be an open network of outdoors enthusiasts of the boomer age. Several people over the years have asked just what is a boomer? I would generally consider anyone born in the two decades following World War II (1945-1965) to be a boomer, but anyone is welcome so long as they are in alignment with the orientation of the group.

Outdoors activities can include hiking, backpacking, car camping, or the like. Examples would be the relatively short backpack to Wildcat Camp in Point Reyes, which has become a tradition with the group. Other examples would be day hikes in the Marin Headlands, bicycling on the Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley, cross country skiing in the Sierras, car camping trips to Death Valley, or organized treks in Bhutan or Nepal. You get the idea.

Generally trips should be only lightly to moderately challenging, without a need for specialized skills such as snow camping, cross-country hiking, or climbing. If a trip will exceed these criteria, event hosts should be very clear in their trip description and be sure that all participants are fully aware of the level of difficulty and have the skills and equipment to join the trip safely.

Everyone in the group is welcome to organize a trip, and the settings for the group allow anyone to do that. So, if you have a trailhead reservation and want some companions, feel free to post a trip. However, unless you have at least Event Organizer privileges, you will not be able to manage the RSVPs for your activity. It is suggested that you contact the the Organizer, or one of the Co-Organizers, to become an Event Organizer before you post your activity, in particular to avoid having more "yes" RSVPs than you intended or your permit allows.

It is also suggested that you post your trip with a trip size of 1 (yourself) but enable a waitlist. Then edit the RSVPs to the waitlist to identify who will be going. Event hosts will make those selections in their discretion.

A few groundrules. First, be safe. Only organize or join a trip that is within your skill level and be ready to change or abandon your plans if weather or other conditions demand it. Also, unless otherwise understood with the trip organizer, everyone should plan on being self sufficient (equipment, food, transport, etc.). Be on time - this includes knowing where you are going and not getting lost on the way to the trailhead, and allowing some contingency time for traffic, etc. It is much more fun to hang out in camp than in the parking lot at the trailhead. Generally, we will apply a 15 minute rule (organizers will only wait 15 minutes after the appointed time before leaving, unless other arrangements have been made). Even better, show up a bit early. Also, do not sign up for a trip unless you plan to go. Although things do come up that require canceling, do not sign up for a trip just to keep your option open. Late arrivers, last-minute cancelers, and particularly no-shows are very frustrating for the trip organizers, who are volunteering their time to make trips happen. It is in your's and everyone's interest to keep the trip organizers happy, since that is what will lead to future trips becoming available.

Joining activities in this group is entirely voluntary and participants signing up for and participating in these activities agree that they fully understand and assume the risks associated with the activity. The activities of this group are cooperative ventures, and it is each participant’s responsibility to ensure that s/he, and his/her guest(s), is/are in sufficient fitness and health to participate in the activity and be prepared with the appropriate water, food, clothing, equipment, supplies and first aid. Please provide event hosts with an “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) Contact. (This information needs to be provided to the event host for each trip - having provided the information to the hosts of other trips, or to one or more of the CaBOG organizers, is not going to help).By signing up for and participating in an activity of this group, participants agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless all persons and entities directly or indirectly involved in the activity, including but not limited to the event host, all other participants in the activity, and all other members of the Bay Area Boomer Outdoors Group, including the organizer, co-organizers, assistant organizers, and event organizers. Each participant agrees to pay the costs of any evacuation of that participant, regardless of whether the participant agrees that an evacuation is needed or whether the participant agrees at the time to bear those costs. In the event that a participant is incapacitated or otherwise unable to provide informed consent at the time, the participant consents to any medical treatment determined necessary or appropriate by the treating facility and/or physician or other provider, including but not limited to emergency personnel. Even better, participants are encouraged to have an Advance Care Directive / Medical Power of Attorney completed, signed, and in the possession of the participant's personal medical office and family members, with a copy also brought on the trip, in which case that document will govern any health care decisions (this can be done easily by scanning and emailing the documents to yourself, so they are available anywhere there is internet coverage). The agreements in this paragraph are made on behalf of the participants, their heirs, assigns, and all other potential claimants.

Group organizers and the event host(s) make no warranties about the quality, safety, or supervision of these activities. By signing up for any events, you are accepting and agree to follow all the rules of the trip and of the administering agency, campground and/or facilities.

There is no charge for any of these trips (other than the sharing of any actual costs as specified by the event host). However, contributions directly to the group will be appreciated, which will help defray the Meetup fees and other miscellaneous costs. Go out, enjoy, and most of all be safe!

Upcoming events (4)

Boomer Memorial Weekend Adventure

Crabtree trailhead

Join us again for another Boomer Memorial Weekend Adventure. Placeholder event: All responders will be placed on the waitlist Location: Emigrant Wilderness or Trinity Alps How to get off waitlist: - Previous members in good standing (ie no prior no-show history) - Answer all the questions What to expect: - This is not a trip for beginners or those "getting back into it". - SHOULDER SEASON conditions: Below FREEZING nights, SNOW, ICE, rain/snow, COLD and waist deep or higher water crossings - Many of the usual suspects have shown interest in attending... - Be self-sufficient. - Sorry no four-legged pets. Only two-legged ones. Geckos have four legs. - Lots of funny stories. Be there to defend yourself.. We may try to do a day hike up in Marin/Pt Reyes in March/April for new members to introduce themselves and to get a feel for our pace. Ridge to Bridge in April is a great event, if anyone interested. https://ridgetrail.org/ridge-to-bridge-2019/ Further details forthcoming and any feedback/ideas welcomed. Expect more details in Feb/March.

Memorial Day Weekend trek on the PCT from Deadfall Lake to Castle Crags

This is a 30-mile, 3-day, 2-night Memorial Day trek on the Pacific Crest Trail from Deadfall Lakes west of Weed along the Trinity Divide to iconic, granite spired Castle Crags. The trip is one-way and it's possible we'll be able to do this without a shuttle. See below. This was a trip I wanted to do earlier this year but fires caused me to cancel. My plan is to start on the PCT at Deadfall Lakes and get to Toad or Porcupine lakes on Day 1. If the legs are still springy and it feels right, I'd try for Seven Lakes basin about 13 miles from our start. By comparison it's 8 miles to Porcupine Lake. On Day 2 I'd work on getting close to Castle Lake but not necessarily to Castle Lake since it's over a ridge and a more than a mile down. I stashed nearly 12 liters of water there on this leg with seasonal water availability. On Day 3, I exit on Dog Trail, west of Castle Crags State Park. When I planned this trek earlier I arranged a simultaneous day hike to Deadfall Lakes and Mt. Eddy. I took advantage of hikers from our group to transport backpackers from stowed vehicles at Castle Crags so the 3 day trek would not end in one of those rotten shuttles. I may try again but right now I'll just keep this simple. You'll need food and fuel for 3 days, layers for 2 cool nights and some mornings and of course the compliment of backpacking gear. This is a longish trip from the Bay Area. You could meet up at/near Castle Crags State Park where there is plenty of camping. This is where I hope to have a shuttle to the start at Deadfall, leaving vehicles for us at the exit.

Late Spring Gathering at Wildcat Camp, Point Reyes

Needs a location

Please hold the date for a late spring gathering at Wildcat Camp in Point Reyes. I scored group camp 2 for the weekend after Memorial Day. Given my recent knee replacement surgery, I may not actually be the one to lead the trip, but I am hopeful that I will be able to continue this annual tradition of the boomer backpackers. Details will follow as we get closer to the day. Following the usual approach, I have limited the number of RSVPs but have enabled a waitlist. Add your name to the waitlist if you are interested.

Granite Lake Backpacking Adventure

Silver Lake East Campground

The Granite & Hidden Lakes Trail is a 7.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Pioneer, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate--though I found it to be fairly easy. If you are not up for an overnight, Granite Lake is also and easy, out-and-back day hike. Granite & Hidden Lakes Trail is a 7.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Pioneer, California that features a lake and is rated as moderate--though I found it to be fairly easy. If you are not up for an overnight, Granite Lake is also and easy, out-and-back day hike. SUNDAY 1:00 Silver Lake campground check out Backpackers depart from Mikalo Falls to Granite Lake. We will setup camp on the western end of Granite lake (2.1 mile hike) DISTANCE 7.1 miles ELEVATION GAIN 980 feet ROUTE TYPE Loop MONDAY Hike out via Hidden Lake (5 miles). ***************************************** THE DATES FOR SILVER LAKE PADDLING (posted on Old But Not Dead Yet) AND GRANITE LAKE BACKPACKING (posted on Old But Not Dead Yet and BABB) ARE TENTATIVE AND DEPEND UPON SNOW LEVEL AND SILVER LAKE CAMPGROUND AVAILABILITY. I HAVE SPLIT THESE ACTIVITIES INTO TWO MEETUPS HOWEVER ALL ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN EITHER OR BOTH ACTIVITIES. Some house keeping stuff: I will arrive on Thursday to set-up camp and kayak. I will send everyone my phone number by email. That said, the cell phone reception here is poor— though some places that are better than others. I will make a point of checking my voicemail at or about 08:00, 12:00, and 16:00 on the transit days. Also,there have been issues with campground water in the past. There is water available, from totes. It is allegedly potable, but I recommend that you bring bottled water and/or a method for purifying drinking water--figure a liter per person per day. ************************************* Joining this trip is entirely voluntary and participants signing up for this activity fully understand the risks associated with the activity. It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure that they, and their guest(s), are in sufficient fitness and health to participate in this trip and be prepared with the appropriate water, food, clothing, equipment, supplies and first aid. Group Organizers and Trip Host(s) make no warranties about the quality, safety, or supervision of these activities. By signing up for this event, you are accepting all the rules of this trip and El Dorado National Forest.

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