Free Art Week - Reconnect With Your Creativity (Talk)

Become an Artist - London
Become an Artist - London
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Hi everyone!

Welcome to Hyperspectral Exhibition and Free Art Week.

To celebrate our 'exhibition of light' we will provide Free Art Workshops and Events throughout the week.

For more info about the exhibition please visit:

Reconnect With Your Creativity (Talk)

I will be talking about one of my favorite subjects: Creativity! And how to reconnect with yours.

I lost count of how many times I've heard people saying 'Oh, I wish I could (draw/paint/photograph/sculpt/fill your desired media here... haha) but I'm not CREATIVE enough!'. OH, no!!! That makes me soooo sad!
I LOVE to help people rekindle their creativity. I think it's one of my life missions. Haha I will be sharing a lot of ways you can get your creative juices flowing. And I am so passionate about this subject that I am sure I can empower you to dive deeper into your creative journey. Let's call it contagious creativity! lol

So enough rambling. Come to the talk. My funny accent is more entertaining than a text. It's free and I'll give you sweets.
How can you so 'no' to that. hahaha



Meet at 6:30pm inside the gallery.


Espacio Gallery - 159 Bethnal Green Road London, E2 7DG, London

Picture of the gallery:


Other events

Tue 26th Nov
6:30 – 9pm
Reconnect With Your Creativity (Talk)

Wed 27th Nov
4 – 7pm
Creative Portraits (Photo Shoot)

Thu 28th Nov
6 – 9pm

Fri 29th Nov
6:30 – 9:00pm
Light Painting (Photography Workshop)

Sat 30th Nov
1 – 3pm
Photo Walk

3:30 – 4:30pm
Tea/coffee With The Artists

5 – 7pm
Writing your truth (Poetry Workshop)

Sun 01st Dec
2 – 4pm
Creative Images Of Plastics Using Cross Polarization (Photography Workshop)

Hope to see you there!


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