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Do you ever find yourself stressed throughout the day, whether it is due to professional or personal obligations? Are you feeling there has got to be something more to life? Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed with your day-to-day responsibilities? Or are you simply ready for a game changer?. If any of these sound like you BeLove Breathwork journey’s objective is to travel beyond your day-to-day life and welcome an emotional and spiritual experience. That experience is designed to ease your worries, improve your health, and to create a closer connection with your inner self.

BeLove Breathwork is essentially a method of circular conscious connected breathing that can help individuals open up and awaken to integrate mind, body and spirit. A Breathwork session can be incredibly profound and a deeply spiritual experience. It can be a vehicle for personal growth, but it can also help access early memories and help release blocked emotional and physical traumas. When combined with process therapy individuals are able to finally let go of limiting early beliefs and create the life they desire.

Many times, we’re not even aware that our bodies attempt to cope with the emotions our minds sometimes fail to resolve. You may have noticed that under stress, our shoulders can sometimes cramp. Stress of course is just one of the factors that our minds have to deal with on a daily basis. If you’re human, you’ve probably had to resolve heavy emotional challenges throughout life. If you’re a product of divorce, have ever had a loss, felt pressure at work, or have ever had an argument with someone, chances are you had to incorporate mind, body, and spirit to help cope with energies that don’t generally flow. Mindfulness teaches us to tune into our body, but BeLove Breathwork helps us access our entire energy system.

BeLove Breathwork aids transformation in those of us feeling held back in life by anxiety, feeling stuck, depression, addiction or overwhelmed. It also provides an opportunity to deeply connect with your creative self and to make lasting shifts in the energetic patterns that can become trapped within and throughout our lives from our childhood, working life and relationships. Come with an open mind and open heart to experience you true life force.

Belove Breathwork can help you achieve a higher sense of self-awareness and capacity for self-healing. It can also help treat ailments like anxiety, chronic pain, anger issues, depression, trauma, and grief and loss. There are many physical benefits to breathwork. Breathwork can affect the physiological nature of your body, including higher endorphin counts, lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), and improving digestion. On the mental side, breathwork can improve our self-awareness and self-mastery. It can provide us with a greater sense of satisfaction that we are able to clearly see habits and behaviors affecting our lives and, where necessary, making the appropriate changes. And on the spiritual side, breathwork can help with a task that affects many of us. What task is that?

Quieting the inner critic and negativity that we consistently tell ourselves.

Breathwork can also release and heal emotional wounding, as breathwork brings old emotional pain to the surface and allows it to be released out of your body.

In sum, breathwork is truly an powerful and magical practice. It can help you escape the cloudiness of being stuck in life and can help you appreciate the beauty of life. While it is not a solution to all of life’s problems, breathwork may end up being the one practice that you ultimately treasure for the rest of your life.


Bring your yoga mat or rentals are available for $3.
You can also bring: small pillow, small blanket or bottle water to cuddle your BeLove Breathwork Journey.

Let's embark on this journey together.

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BeLove Breathwork Wednesday's 1st & 3rd of the Month 2019

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