What we're about

This is a group for anyone who is adventurous and who loves to travel anywhere, whether it be near or far, a day trip to a fun town, a weekend trip to the beach or mountains, or a one or two-week vacation to another state, or even another country.

Do you love weekend getaways, vacations, cruises, fun activities, and meeting new people who are just as adventurous as you? Then this is the group for you. This meetup is for those who are looking for others to travel with. We offer monthly Travel Parties to welcome newcomers and to get to know each other before we travel as a group. We are looking forward to traveling and doing something different in 2017!

Please attend our "Travel Party" before you RSVP to any overnight trips.
Our Travel Parties are more like a Meet-and-Greet. They will be held monthly. These monthly get-togethers will offer us the opportunity to get to know one another, discuss trips and see where we would like to travel to. We will talk about our dream vacations and look at price comparisons and travel to these destinations to fulfill our dreams.

Any member can plan a trip. If you'd like to do so, you can either become an EVENT COORDINATOR, or talk to an organizer and they'll get word out to the group and post your travel event.

"NO SHOWS" (where you're signed up for an event but blow it off without canceling) can literally ruin a group. The coordinator plans according to the numbers, often buying supplies for 30, but if half show up, that's wasted money. Worse than that, if someone is leading a trip and trying to get a discount for 20 people, but only 15 end up going on the trip due to last-minute cancellations, no one makes the discount, the price has to be adjusted to a higher price, and all suffer. Therefore, we have a NO SHOW policy.
—FIRST OFFENSE: You will be given a gentle warning.
—SECOND OFFENSE: You will be given a stronger warning with a consequence if you do it again.
—THIRD OFFENSE: You will be removed from the group

You can cancel up to 24-hours before a trip. Otherwise, it's considered a NO SHOW.
Coordinators typically need more than 24 hours to plan a trip.
Trips that last a week or longer may need more time than 24 hours. This is up to the coordinator of that trip.

If you have children and would like to travel with other families, perhaps there's another family in our group you can travel with. If, however, you are planning a trip and prefer to only have adults on the trip, that's fine too. Whoever coordinates the trip, please indicate whether your trip is kid-friendly or not.

—San Diego
—The Mountains
—A Train Trip
—New York City
—River Cruise
—New Orleans
—Las Vegas
A zillion other places! OVERALL, this group aims to make your travel dreams come true! Not only that, we will make new friends who we can share our travel experiences with.

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