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In this group, we take it slow! Rather than rushing around taking thousands of photos, we learn to stand still, be present and see the beauty of the moment right before our eyes. Then we discover the most astonishing photos are not taken by us, but given to us. Photography offers a path to mindfulness and can be a form of meditation that connects you to the beauty of daily life. In this moment, we feel revitalized, refreshed, and awake!

Do you love to just get so into taking photos you loose track of time? Or perhaps you would just enjoy learning how to take better photos? Either way, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure when you create photos using this method.

You should join this group if you would enjoy exploring photography as a contemplative practice that connects you to the mystical, magical moments of beauty in daily life. Discover how to develop a good eye by taking photos while you are in the "zone" or flow state. Some simple mindful, meditation practices will be introduced.

We will explore 8 secret universal patterns of beauty such as luminosity and vitality as lenses through which to see creatively and be connected to a subject. We will have lots of fun as we go with the flow!

There are many different types of photography: landscape, portrait, night, each requiring basic photography knowledge and some special skills. Mindful photography is another type of photography you can add to your life purely for pleasure. The special skills required are focused more on your inner stance of stillness and quiet. Simple meditation practices are used to get grounded and centered before you click the shutter. That way you connect to the heart of the moment. Join us and find out more.

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