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How EVERYONE can PROFIT from the NEW "Uber of Real Estate" including YOU!
Please RSVP free today, as seating is limited: The "Uber of Real Estate" has arrived and YOU can PROFIT from it NOW... Get ready to uncover what could arguably be the coolest thing that’s ever happened to the Real Estate Industry. It’s so hot that literally everyone who’s anyone is wanting to get involved in what’s being call the new “Uber of Real Estate™” and now you can too. The way homes are bought and sold in the United States is about to change… forever. Imagine a whole NEW way where ANYONE can easily profit from Real Estate, with or without a license. Yes, that’s right … from aspiring to experienced Real Estate agents and investors, to mortgage professionals, to those who have never been involved in real estate before but simply have a desire to be a part of something BIG...this is totally YOUR chance! Now YOU can: • Quickly and easily create new RESIDUAL STREAMS OF INCOME for you • Experience the power of a NEW automated marketing system that puts money in YOUR pocket while YOU sleep • Get paid to leverage YOUR social media network, contacts, and connections in NEW FREE ways … GUARANTEED! • Be part of the Future of Real Estate in NEW ways that can be truly life changing for YOU • ...All without you ever needing to have a real estate license! If you want to be a part of something big, YOU must attend to learn more about FSBO Vault! Please RSVP free today, as seating is limited: Choose from 3 meeting times: • Tuesday, 3/27 at 6:30 pm @ Boston Marriott Copley Place • Wednesday, 3/28 at 12:00 pm @ Courtyard by Marriott Boston Woburn/Boston North • Wednesday, 3/28 at 6:30 pm @ Courtyard by Marriott Boston Woburn/Boston North See you there!

Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel

110 Huntington Avenue · Boston, MA

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Boston New Technology ( is a community-supported technology, startup and business networking group with 21k members/subscribers. Our mission is to grow local innovation and all size businesses by bringing entrepreneurs and business professionals together at live events and by sharing amazing opportunities.

BNT is a forum for entrepreneurs, supporters, developers and technology enthusiasts to present and discover new technology products, form partnerships, share ideas and get inspiration to start new ventures. We facilitate and promote networking, education, community-building, opportunity sharing and collaboration among innovators (founders, designers & developers), investors (angels & VC's) and supporters of all kinds (business developers, marketers, consultants, freelancers and others) from all around New England and beyond!

BNT helps early-stage startups and partner companies get significant publicity and support from the community through our live events, marketing channels and partner groups. Led by original Co-founder, Chris Requena (, BNT helps startups engage the community to get buzz, feedback and traction for their products and services, and find co-founders, employees, partners and other support they need. We connect startups with our partner corporations and community organizations, which provide them with mentorship, exclusive opportunities & resources, and free or highly-discounted services.

In BNT's 7-year history, we have produced and hosted/co-hosted 100+ free events, including 87+ monthly startup showcases, with over 500 startups presenting! See our Past Meetups here ( At showcases, 7 startups present to 150-200 members, giving a brief overview of their technology product, demonstrating it live, and answering questions from attendees. The presentations are preceded by an hour of networking and followed by another half hour of networking.

Consider hosting an event or presenting at Boston New Technology to get publicity and traction for your company's products, services, job openings and/or events, with our 21k members! Qualifying startups can present for free.

Technology Startups from New England
Startups, Founders, Hackers, Nonprofits and other early-stage organizations are welcome to apply to demonstrate their new technology product live at one of our monthly showcase events. Presenting in this fashion is free of charge for New England-based companies with a technology product launched publicly for less than one year, or a product up to 3 years old, having less than $1M in funding and less than $1M total revenue generated. Companies that meet this criteria are given priority for presenting, but those with higher funding or revenue will be given opportunities whenever possible. Generally, the founders and/or creators should present and conduct the live demonstration (more than one team member can participate). Please apply by reviewing and filling out our Presenter Signup Form ( and review our Guide for Presenters here (

Established or Non-New-England Companies
If your company does not qualify as an early-stage startup (as above), please support Boston New Technology's efforts to help local startups succeed! Engage our membership of 16,000+ Boston-area startup founders/employees, developers and IT professionals, community & business leaders and others interested in technology. BNT will provide you with extensive publicity for your company's products, services, job openings and/or events!

Established companies who sponsor BNT can speak at or present their technology at one of our startup showcases, or they can hire BNT to produce and promote a custom event for them. BNT members are most attracted to events that offer networking and education around technology-related and/or startup-related topics. Our newsletters and announcements go out to 16k members and we draw 200-400 RSVP's for our events (see Past Meetups ( All sponsor funds are used to support local startups / entrepreneurship, and to run free and not-for-profit events.

BNT also seeks community and media partners. Please get information here and let's partner! (

If you need advice on software/web/app development, want to host an event, partner or sponsor, or have any suggestions or questions, please email: Chris "at"

Boston New Technology is organized by Chris Requena (, Chief Partnerships Officer at Cape Ann Development Partners ( Connect with Chris here:

Please like Boston New Technology on facebook (, Follow @BostonNewTech ( and subscribe to our YouTube channel (, where you can view most of our startup presentations.

We look forward to seeing you!

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