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Participants are here to awaken the body and brain, make the brain more flexible and adaptable and free it from negative emotional experiences and habits. Participants systematically learn how to integrate brain functions, enhance executive control and tap into their unlimited potential

The goal is to help participants realize that the power of the brain is not dependent upon age, role or circumstance but in the choices made in each moment.

Benefits of our programs include improved attention and concentration, better memory, expanded imagination and creativity, more energy and stamina, mental sharpness, overall well-being and stress management

Requirements: A body, A mind and perhaps some loose, comfortable clothing, free for training and movement :)

BE-ME shares its programs with 15000+ participants in multiple countries, towards helping individuals and communities TAKE BACK THEIR BRAIN & POWER in realizing they can create their own health, happiness & peace to help both themselves and others as they benefit humanity.

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BE NANZA Retreat | A Nature Retreat to "CONNECT with Your True NATURE"

Sealine Beach, Mesaieed


A Nature Retreat to
"CONNECT with Your True NATURE"[masked]


A fun-filled day of activities ranging from Self-Healing Techniques, Team & Family Harmony Games, Meditations, Connecting with a Like-Minded Community, BE-NANZA is sure to BE a joy-filled escape for everyone!

- The Program Highlights:

* Comforts:

- Dedicated Majlis-Style Lounge Gazibo & Culture Features
- Additional Amusement & Camp Activities will also be accessible
- Food, Beverage & Refreshment Access
- Private Room & Shower Access
- Beach & Water Access
- Lunch & Dinner

* Program includes:

- Body & Brain Emotions Healing
- Harmony Building Team Games & Training
- Lunch & Connecting with Like-Minded Community
- Camp Fun & Free Time
- Nature Element Meditation
- Sunset Ki-Gong & Mind Rejuvenation
- Vibration Rhythm & movement
- Gratitude Ceremony
- Light Dinner & Social

* Important Notes:

- On Saturday 22 January 2022
- Arrivals at Sealine Resort at 9 AM
- Shuttles to & from the camp provided
- Program set till 7:30 PM

CLICK the LINK FOR MORE ON BE-NANZA: https://forms.gle/BxpM3wesbdF9iTfN6

CHECK OUT the Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_ZzlA1D-qg.

Master MAZ's BE Training: Harmonize Body & Mind

Sharq Village & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel

A Brain Education (TM) Inspired alchemy of BodyMeridian Channels and Musculoskeletal Manipulation, Opening to & Easing the Ability of Focused & Transformative Breath Work, that then leads to the deepest Mind & Conscious Energy sensitization. Are you ready to open to the new depths and potentials of your being!?

This is a Holistic, layered, and sequential transformation journey that sinks you deep into your whole Brain and unravels the most important of your unconscious realizations to help you change your choices, your actions, and your life trajectory.

:: Details of the training ::
- Topic:
Master MAZ's BE Training: Harmonize Body & Mind

- Day & Date: Every Monday
- Time: 06:00 – 07:15 PM
- Location: Sharq Spa
- Price: 100 Q
- Payment in Cash.
- Registration: https://forms.gle/cc91CNin9LjaP39Q9

:: The Advantages of the Training ::
- Reduced stress and negative emotions.
- Enjoyment of inner peace and a healthy lifestyle.
- Increased awareness of the body and mind.
- Decreased compounded negative emotions and increased positive emotions.
- Better control of Movement (Body), Breath (Emotions), and Focus (Mind).
- Increased mental clarity
- Increased mental clarity: better decision making, greater confidence, enhanced presence of mind.
- Improved concentration: audience will learn how small postural adjustments can promote awareness and cognition.
- Enhanced productivity and engagement: When people feel better they are better. You will learn how to eliminate stress for deeper, happier integration with all areas of your work, family and personal life.
- Improve focus, creativity and emotional wellness while reducing stress and anxiety.
- Increase flexibility and balance for ease of movement, breathe deeper and more comfortably, improve energy’s vitality, grow younger in the body and its form, help manage either physical or emotional pains.

:: About Brain Education ::
Brain Education™ (BE) is a 5-step method to awaken the brain and stabilize brainwaves utilizing music, movement and positive messages. It helps produce hormones (Serotonin and Dopamine) to relieve stress and improves brain function to enhance the body’s immune system. The BE method is easy to follow and anyone can make it a practice. It is a world-recognized and effective exercise for the brain, producing great results in stress-management, self-development, diet and health for our modern lifestyle. Brain Education™ (BE) is a 5-step method for creating health, happiness, optimal achievement, and peacefulness through better self-management of the brain.
Brain EducationTM Middle East delivers a strong suit of progressive findings in Neuroscience, Eastern Practice/Philosophy as well as Education together for a Holistic Foundation in body-brain understanding, application & performance. The system comprises of a 35-Year Network of culminated health-science, happiness and peace for Families, Adults, Communities and Corporations. “Our vision goes from the individual to the world in Cultivating human character, that widely benefits humanity; Thus rightfully harmonizing the world.”

Self Healing Training: 2nd Chakra Power Up

Sharq Village & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel

In Brain Education, our second chakra holds the beginning and focus for most of our practice.

We start here because whether we focus on ourselves physically, mentally or energetically it all begins here.
- The second chakra holds the location of up to 70% of our physiological blood circulation, is the basket case to most our vital organs and health, as well lymphatic system in helping protect our body and release its toxins.
- Its also the energetic center for our physical body where we circulate most heat for movement, health and vitality.
- And we use it to connect with our brain and brain stem, seeing that right in your gut, lies a large network of nerve endings that connect directly to your brain.

So in further powering this region we benefit with:
- Higher and sustained energy levels for all our daily tasks and efforts
- More rested sleep, relaxation and comfort
- Stronger immunity, protection and resistance to threatening disease or toxins
- Enhanced mental clarity, about your decisions, your thoughts and emotions.
- Easier control and management of your feelings
- You’ll even feel happier and more refreshed, once your body has taken a full cycle and changed its energy!

In 2nd Chakra Power Training, we move through different stages:


- Belly Button Healing®
- Intestinal (Abdominal) Exercises
- Meridian Stretching & Strengthening


- Core, organ and chest breathing
- Postures to increase circulation and energy


- Ji-Gam (stop thought & emotion) energy meditation
- Meditation for chakra health and balance

Training Details:
Day: Wedensdays
Date: 12 & 26 January
Time: 6:00 pm - 07:15 pm
Location: Sharq Spa
Trainer: Master DaAe
Price: 150 Q
Registration: https://forms.gle/gdRF1tnV8d4GXCpe8

Ki-Gong: Moving Meditation

Sharq Village & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Ki-Gong: Moving Meditation - تمارين الكي: التأمل الحركي

Ki-Gong is a careful combination of both gentle & powerful harmony of breath, mind and body all in one movement.

Take your meditation and mindful practice to the next level, and learn to move with your mind and meditation. Learn to focus your mind, bring it right back to your body, clear your thoughts and really understand, more importantly feel, what it actually means to be grounded.

Its fit for everyone. Enjoy this activity that’s recognized internationally as a "Sport for All" underneath the "Let's be Friends" Peace Campaign.

Duration: 60 -75 minutes
Days: 15, 29 January
Time: 9:00 -10:15 am
Location: Sharq Spa
Registration link: https://forms.gle/jLqLm3zoFLF6zd2W8

- Lead by a Korean & American Certified Master Brain Educator & Practitioner with 20+ years in experience. Duration: 1 hr 30 mins
- Open to: All levels of practice or training.
- Suggested: Loose comfortable clothing for some training.

KiGong & Brain Education Middle East
• The Middle East representative KiGong team originating in Qatar including members from Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, Canada & Korea (ranging in age between 22 & 63) was awarded the 2nd Place podium position in the International KiGong festival in Korea last year.
• With dedicated full-time trainers for both females and males (privately or in group) ranging in credentials and experience between 21 & 26 years in the field of Martial Arts, Healing, Mind-Body & Movement Therapy

Personal Investment: 100 QAR per person, can be delivered in cash and on arrival.


يعد الكي جونج مزيجًا متناغمًا من القوة واللطف للنَفَس، والدماغ والجسد، حيث يتحركون معًا في تناغمٍ مذهل.

اغمر نفسك في فلسفة الـكي جونج والتأمل الحركي من خلال التركيز على فن القتال ذاتي-التعافي. ستشعر بتأديتك لتمارين وفلسفة الكي جونج بالقوة العميقة للتدريب الجسدي والروحي والمتعلق بالطاقة. في هذا التمرين، سنتعلم المبادئ ونطبق الحركات التي ستفجر فيك الطاقة وستشعر بأن لا حدود لإمكاناتك!

التدريب مناسبٌ للجميع، ويطلق عليه عالميًا اسم "رياضة الجميع"، وقد تم إطلاق حملة عالمية للسلام حوله بعنوان "هيا نكن أصدقاء".

المدة: 60 - 75 دقيقة
الأيام والتواريخ: 15 - 29 يناير
الساعة: 09:00 – 10:15
رابط التسجيل: https://forms.gle/jLqLm3zoFLF6zd2W8
الرجاء تعبئة البيانات أدناه حتى نحجز لك مكانًا في التدريب.

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Master MAZ's BE Training: Harmonize Body & Mind

Sharq Village & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel

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