What we're about

This meetup is directed to people who can feel something within that is larger than their every day reality and want to explore it. People who are experiencing a shift in their consciousness and start to feel connected to everything around them. People who want to be the change they want in the world. People who long to learn, experience and share with others. People who want to merge with Oneness and evolve into real humanity, based in love, compassion and awareness.

We will explore spirituality in every aspect that we can possibly reach. This group is orientated towards self knowledge and planet awareness. In our meetups we will discuss topics, give talks,go for walks in the countryside, organise workshops covering the different aspects of spirituality and have social gatherings to get to know each other as well.

Some of the topics covered in our meetups are:

On planet awareness:

Resource based economy

Climate change


The truth about corporations

Animal and human rights


Conventional medicine and energy healing

On self knowledge:

Tantric yoga

Mindful meditation

Techniques to fight the ego

How to awaken the consciousness

Healing techniques

Kundalini raising

Meditation techniques

The gift of free will and Karma

The path of Dharma


Kabbalah teachings

Out of body exploration and lucid dreaming

Remote viewing

How to develop your psychic abilities

Sound healing and drum sessions Amongst others.

There will be online meetups, face to face meetups, talks, camping trips, workshops and outings. Feel free to join us and enjoy the journey to the truth

Past events (14)

Meditation class with short Vedanta talk

Friends Meeting House

Introduction to Vedanta Philosophy & Meditation

Evolve Welless Centre

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