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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new field but recent advances in this space has generated many opportunities and raised many ethical issues. The AI & Emerging Tech Meetup group is spin-free, shill-free, platform-agnostic group that explores the latest developments and ethics of AI .
We host monthly events in San Francisco and New York.
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Our events are sponsor-funded and volunteer-run. Our meetup groups and events are open to everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or identity. We are emphatically trans-inclusive. We strive to accommodate all forms of disabilities as well as special dietary needs. Unless restricted by the venue policies, members are welcome to bring their children to our events if they are unable to find childcare.
We reserve the right to refuse membership or entrance to anyone who is disruptive, dangerous, and/or poses a threat or harasses our members/speakers in any manner. Harassment includes but is not limited to heckling the members or speakers, purposeful misgendering, using any kind of slur, bullying, or any other attempt to intimidate other members or disrupt the events.
We reserve the right to take action including but not limited to removing/blocking members who are in violation of our rules.
There is no place in our group for hate or harassment.

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Interpretable AI Models

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Issues with AI in Healthcare

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