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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have seized Tech mindshare in a way few topics have in recent memory. These technologies are having a huge impact on our lives, and their roles are only increasing. SFAI is a community group for developers interested in AI talks, discussions, and hack sessions.

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Using Machine Learning to Build Powerful Enterprise Apps

The pressure on enterprise product teams is the highest it's ever been. Long gone are the days of professionals settling for a clunky, "ugly" desktop app. Users expect their work apps to be just as delightful as their “play” apps while getting the job done. And at the same time, using data to figure out *how* to build such beautiful but powerful apps is hard, because famous and effective consumer growth frameworks (for example, driving the “aha” moment) are nearly impossible to apply out of the box. Here’s why: - Most apps are heavily customized by administrator before user even sees them. 90%+ users of Salesforce use a customized version! - There's no single "user". At Salesforce, there's a "decision maker" who pays for the app but doesn't really use it, "team lead" who checks on his team's work, "account exec" who spends all day on the road meeting with customers, "pipeline builder" who sources new leads all day long, and the list continues - we have more than 30+ of such "personas", all with dramatically different in-app behavior - There's typically much more than one app to grow. Salesforce has 40+ products, many of which are dramatically different (for example, compare classic CRM, Heroku, and Quip!) Salesforce's analytics team answer is machine learning! (Who would expect anything else from a company that built Einstein?). In this insightful talk, Irina Malkova, Senior Director of Data Strategy & Growth at Salesforce, will share how Salesforce Data Intelligence team tackles problems like growing adoption, prioritizing roadmap investments, and driving product value. Who is this talk for? This talk is for analysts, data scientists, product managers, product strategists curious about building amazing enterprise products, as well as anyone solving complex analytics challenges where simple growth frameworks don’t apply. What can you expect? You will walk away with a better understanding of what it takes to build great enterprise products, and practical ways in which data teams can address these challenges with machine learning. More about the speaker: Irina Malkova is a Senior Director of Data Strategy & Growth at Salesforce, where she leads Scale team responsible for data strategy and analytics of Salesforce Platform businesses (such as customization capabilities, mobile apps, developer experience, AppExchange, Trailhead and many more). You can learn more about here at https://www.linkedin.com/in/irina-malkova-292221b/ We will kick off the meetup with pizza + networking at 6p and the talk will start at 6.30p. Seating is limited so please plan on being there early to get a seat. **NO WALK-INs. PLEASE RSVP TO JOIN THIS EVENT** Venue sponsor: Tribe Co-Living is a vibrant community co-living space for people that are looking for more than just housing. The team at Tribe CoLiving are very intentional about the communities they aim to create within our homes and understand that community starts with their amazing members. More information at https://www.tribecoliving.com/san-francisco

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